20 Nov 2019

Recently I planned my work so I would finish up on a Friday afternoon south of Forster, so I could check out some local dogging spots in the evening and see what action might be happening. I turned up to one on the edge of a lake and there was a couple in their car so I parked nearby and watched what they were upto. She was removing clothing and appeared to be keen to give him a blow job except that I was there. I thought, oh well, lets give them a show to watch to encourage them! I stripped off and walked into the lake for a skinny dip right in front of their car. I had a good cool down and swim in plain view of them, hoping it may have inspired them to come and join me. No luck. I thought, oh well lets give them a better show then, and walked towards their car until I was only knee deep in water and started wanking off in front of them. Still no response. I wanked harder then, until cum shot into the lake, and watched the small fishes have a yummy meal, chasing the morsels like flashes of silver until it was all gone. I returned from my car and dried off and prepared to drive off, noticing that my show had at last inspired them as the woman was busy giving her man a solid blow job. Pity they were not inspired to involve me, but I shall try again another time! My first exhibitionist show and I enjoyed it a lot so will have to try it again.