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My first experience with a couple

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Published 6 years ago
This is a true story of the first time I experienced play with a couple.. I will leave all names out. I was still in my 20s a few years ago and work had taken me up FNQ. I was a member of an adult swinging site and was always updating my location to see if I could play with local couples. Until then I hadn't had success and found a lot of people wasting time with fake profiles. I have always been interested in threesomes and swinging, but it very hard when you haven't got a partner. Or simply couples have been dicked around a lot by single guys or girls who never show up or look 10 years older and 50 kg heavier than what they say. So from a guys perspective, it's understandable how we get rejected so much. I think a lot of hot play is lost by assuming we are all the same. I messaged a particular couple who had verified photos.. The woman was a smoking hot sexy brunette although her face was blurred.. She had a very hot body.. About 10 years older than me and so was the hubby. I never thought they would reply as they weren't online and thought I'd never stand a chance with this hottie. They messaged back in a matter of minutes asking if I had a private gallery. Which I did and gave them access straight away, again leaving my computer and heading to dinner thinking about my slim chances of getting a ride and a taste of someone's mega hot missus. Mind you I don't think I'm bad looking at all, I def look after myself in every way I can and have a slim body, friendly confident attitude, 6'2" height and good girth and endowment on the old Richter scale... hint hint! Bit of advertising never hurts!! Lol Everything happened so quick from then.. They messaged me asking for more details like 'had I played with a couple before..' Threesomes, group play, swinging..Etc! Being a pup still, I was very open and honest that it would be my first time playing with a couple and that it had been a fantasy of mine for a while. I could feel the nerves if excitement come over me. More and more we corresponded over a few hours to the point that they asked if I could meet up with them on the weekend( being mid week) and I said yes most definitely. Only catch would be there would be another couple of guys as well to make the most of the night. Along came Saturday and I still was thinking to myself this is too good to be happening.. And the hour neared for the meet. They had asked for my number and I kept glancing at the phone pretending not to be interested in case it would cancel with one of many excuses. Then the message came with the place and the time and how they hoped I wouldn't cancel on them. So I got ready and off I went still thinking this fantasy meet was too good to be true..specially with such a hottie. I started to sweat i had never done anything like this before.. It was arousal, excitement but more nervousness than anything! My stud porn actor attitude had been belittled.. All these fantasies and times I had thought about it and watched porn about it playing with myself countless times.. and now i was shitting myself! But thought what the heck! I turned up at the place which was at the strip bar. I got in, ordered my drink..paid the money with a shaky hand and had a sip. I got the old nokia out and messaged to let them know I was there.. I felt the world was turning around me.. The hubby came up from behind and introduced himself.. Pleasant guy very confident and friendly.. He walked me over to introduce me to his wife and wow!!!! my jaw dropped!! She was the hot stunning sexy brunette in the profile.. and more!! completely the opposite to what I expected.. She was dressed in a nice hot little poker dot mini skirt, not overly tight and a nice top revealing her amazing cleavage..her face was beautiful.. One if a woman who knew what she wanted.. It felt like I had won the lotto! She had a drink in her hand.. she came over and kissed me on the lips just gently no tongue but slightly open.. I hesitated a little as I had never kissed another man's woman let alone in front of him! So I was a bit uncomfortable.. I could taste her drink after our little kiss.. I could not keep my eyes off her! I started small chit chat.. First complementing on how hot she looked.. Then talking to the hubby trying to get my heart rate closer to normal.. I asked her when I had a little moment next to her what she thought of me and she said that I was definitely going home with them tonight!! Heart rate sky rocketed again! She added I would be one of the youngest cock she'd fuck so far.. My gonads were ready to explode there and then.. I was introduced to another 2 guys, older than me one about their age and the other a little older. Both pretty fit looking. We were all standing around having a drink and a chat.. Not even aware or interested in any of the dancing girls.. I quickly learnt none of us knew each other.. it was a first for everyone. She started talking to my ear through the music asking what I did for work and mentioning how young I looked.. We kept talking standing and she started to run her fingers up my forearm.. While she talked and sipped on her drink.. I was getting aroused just looking at her body language.. You don't get that from 19-20 yo inexperienced girls.. Facebook doesn't teach you to speak sexual language.. Erotic physical touch or how to communicate without words.. A look can spell how hot and erotic you will be in bed and boy was she an expert. The guys kept talking buying the hubby more to drink.. We all had another round and we were standing in a circle.. she dragged my hand and slipped it under her mini from behind.. I felt her ass so tight, I had my hand over both her butt cheeks and over her crack having a good feel moving it very slow it was a smooth ass .. My hand was shaky and I was so nervous that when her hubby saw me I took it out.. She smiled at me cheekily.. The others kept talking she did it again and said it was ok.. I felt her ass again no panties.. She kept dragging me I kept putting up a bit of resistance.. She dragged it further until I had my hand nice and high up her skirt.. I was touching her ass but felt the softness and wetness of her pussy.. Nice and warm..She said my hands felt firm.. And not to stop.. I had three fingers feeling her lips from behind..right there standing in front of everyone in the dark..She had wet smooth lips.. By the way I was standing, I felt her inner thighs softly rubbing her she parted her legs slightly.. Next thing my thumb was in her cunt and I was feeling all of her pussy rubbing her clit while my thumb and other fingers crept in and out of her wet labia and hole.. She was so tight.. She looked at me with a smile and commented what a good boy I was being.. One of the guys standing next to her on the other side saw what I was doing and still in the conversation he started running his hand down to the front of her mini.. I felt his hand touch me so I moved back a bit to let him in.. He started rubbing her clit while I fingered her pussy now with my middle finger. She was loving it! I felt like i was in a porn flick it was so erotic.. i was so naive and although i didn't really know what I was doing I continued enjoying the moment wishing it would never end. Out of nowhere the security came and told us not to touch her.. We all stated she wasn't a dancer but he stated regardless we couldn't touch her when she was in their premises.. After he was gone, she grabbed the other guy that hadn't had a touch and did the same but from the front.. Pulled his hand into her cunt and told him to have a feel. To all this her hubby was getting visibly excited. Asked us all what we thought of his wife to which we all said she was smoking hot and very naughty.. He told us we had no idea what was in store for that night and how forward she's been looking to cock all week. We all kept having a feel she was getting so turned on and the night was getting hotter and hotter.. She was getting wetter and hornier by the minute. We all had a hand on her body and trying to hide as much as we could. I even had a touch of her boobs.. she asked if i could pop my cock out so she could stroke it.. But I nervously declined saying I wasn't ready for such a thing.. She smiled it was out of this world!! All of us guys had clear bulges.. we were all so horny and ready to fuck her every was going to be a fuck fest! Security stopped us another 3 times before she decided it was time to head to their hotel room... TBC!!

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