Written by dirk_69er

26 Sep 2014

We left the strippers and walked to their hotel which was about a 10 minute walk and faced the marina. It was about 10pm at this stage.After all the looks of envy by all the other guys in there, we walked out very happily knowing it was going to be hot to get her naked. It was nice and relaxed she held hands with us talking about various things. She was telling us she had a few little outfits in store.. I was pretending to be all cool but I felt insecure and inexperienced but turned on at the same time..

We got there and up the lift we went we were the only ones in there .. She started making out with one of the guys in the lift.. While the other came from behind and sandwiched her.. Lifted up her skirt gently and exposed her ass.. as you may remember she wore no panties..he had a feel of her cunt parting her legs..She obliged and pulled him behind her closer he had his bulge against her. We got a glance of her moist lips starting from the bottom part of her ass.. She had no hair except a little strip almost square shaped pubes on top of her clit.. She had the hottest looking pussy I'd ever seen.. A nice tatt on the side looked amazing and another on too of her ass i'd later got to see.. Her hubby and I were commenting what a site it was!

She then pulled herself down we got out of the lift and made it to the room.. All of us had a hand on her.. Or around her..

We got into the room and the hubby handed us some more drinks.. She went to get ready.. The room was already with a mood set.. Lights dimmed music in the background.. Drinks..They had thought of everything.. There were condoms throughout the room.. Lube the works!

We chatted for a bit and the hubby told us to feel free to do what we wanted as long as she was happy. No meant no.. He had no problem with us touching or fucking her whichever way we wanted.. he'd be on the side watching.. He told us he would not fuck her.. We all stated we'd be respectful regardless..

Then the time came.. his hot slutty wife came to host her own party.. She came out with a nice set of red high heels.. the sluttiest tiniest mini and top.. She had the longest toned legs I'd seen.. She looked even hotter than at the strippers!!! We all flocked to her and it started getting very hot very quick.. I just went with the flow and started touching her thighs..and grabbed one of her buttocks. Between 2 of us we lifted her skirt enough to expose herding and back.. She was making out with the same guy in the elevator.. I made my way slowly and touched her wet swollen lips from behind.. She moaned. I didn't want to finger her straight away. Just rubbed her gently taking my time.. She put her hand down the guy she was kissing.. There were hands going everywhere on her body.. She was the point of attention.. We were there to pleasure her it was our mission.. It was the hottest feeling I've ever had.

The other guy motioned me as he pulled down her top to give him a hand and we exposed her big tits.. They were beautiful I had my hand rubbing her pussy and reached for one with the other.. She was moaning softly while being tongued by the other guy. I was rubbing her clit from behind reaching as far forward touching her little pube patch.. Then I moved back and slowly crept inside her with my middle finger.. I went deeper and deeper and her lips gave way to her hole.. She was very tight! She was moaning a little louder the deeper I was getting.. I was rubbing her wall inside as I fingered her cunt. I felt my cock head wanting to explode.. The other guy came from behind and grabbed both her cheeks and opened them up to have a better look.. I could see her asshole..and she had lubed herself up already thinking to myself she'll def be wanting 2 cocks inside her tonight! Another fantasy of mine!

With the cheeks parted I could see my fingers disappearing into her wet cunt.. Looked like I had my hand inside her.. He then let go and I asked him if he'd like to finger her moving slightly to the side.. He did and was finger fucking her in no time!

She grabbed the other guys shirt and started undoing him.. I noticed she had undone his button and had his cock out already.. He looked pretty big and it was still only slightly hard.. When she got his shirt off, she went straight back to his cock and started wanking him.. It was the first time I had seen any if this but I felt comfortable seeing another cock so close and a woman playing with it..

She grabbed me by the shirt with the other hand and started pulling it off to which I helped and took it off.. She was touching my chest having a good feel .. I have no hair at all naturally.. It was so erotic the way she was doing it and holding a cock with her other.. Her touch was so soft but knew exactly what to do.. She ran her hand down my pants and slowly made her way down to my swollen head.. She looked at me and smiled.. I thought it was a good sign!!! The other guy she was kissing dropped his pants and the one in the back started undoing his.. So I followed suit and lost my pants.. Within seconds we were all naked.. We all looked at each others cock although none of us were trying to make it obvious.. There she was in the middle and 3 hungry cocks around her all knocking at the entry of every hole wanting to fuck her..

We all had good sizes the first guy had about 8 inches the more mature guy in the back was about 6-7 inches but fuck was he thick! I was the only one cut cock with a big head and just under 7 inches too..

I noticed the husband on the side with a cam, we had agreed to photos with no face in them.. He was taking a few and his other hand down his pants rubbing his cock..

She got down on her knees and started sucking her first cock.. The 2 guys got a good position in front so I was left out.. I knelt behind her and kept playing with her pussy.. The other guy had his shaft in her mouth and touching her tits.. she was sucking one cock at a time and the other she would pull it and caress it with her face and her hand.. Then she would swap it over.. She started to deep throat the 8 incher gagging at about half way.. She would take it out and say she was just warming up..I started fingering her deep again and she would deep throat a bit more and gag a little.. She started moaning with the cock in her mouth.. That was so hot!! The other cock starting getting closer to her mouth.. Both guys asked each other if they were happy with the cocks rubbing and touching.. And the next thing she was trying to slurp both of these hard cocks.. She managed to fit both heads.. They were mouth fucking her and I was busy fingering her.. She was slapping both cocks together in front of her mouth..

When she freed up she reached over she started to pull my cock.. Harder and faster with each stroke.. I didn't want to cum so I moved back a little to which she let go of the grip a bit and took my cum back a little.. My cum filled balls were aching by this stage.. I was def going to blow quite a load when the time came.. But I didn't want to be a 5 min wonder I wanted to play on the same league as the other boys were.. She put her bum up in the air enough for me to go in.. But I decided to go down on her instead.. I tasted her pussy and could taste a bit of flavoured lube on her.. I rubbed her clit with my tongue over and over tasting her swollen juicy spot.. i ate her bits with the bare experience that I had.. I was entering her hole as deep as my tongue would reach..I could feel my chin hitting her pussy bone in the front.. She tasted beautiful eventually the lube was wearing out and I could taste her cunt juices.. My erection had gone down a bit so I started to get a bit conscious I started wanking myself to get it hard again.. I didn't want to be a floppy in front if these boys.. My inexperience was trying to take over.. I kept licking and licking more cunt.. She was moaning, gagging, wanking and moving her ass nicely on my face.. What a site! Talk about multi tasking..

One of the guys came to the back and I got up and he started licking her cunt for a bit.. I went to the front with my semi flaccid boy.. I couldn't believe it I wanted to tell it to wake the fuck up!! I felt eyes on me but put my cock next to the other guy's. he asked me the same if I minded a bit of cross cock action lol and I said I didn't have a problem.. I was ok with it. She was already gobbling my cock up while we were talking.. I looked down at her and We were locking eyes together..I felt conscious I felt inexperienced.. She was sucking and wanking my shaft.. Looking it at me enjoying it... She grabbed my ass cheek and pulled me towards her I moved deeper in her mouth a bit at a time then her lips opened up even more and she pulled me at the same time and got 2 thirds in.. I could feel the back of her throat as she polished my head with the back of her tongue and throat.. I swear I felt I was pounding her back wall.. Tonsils and all. The other guy at the back started positioning her on a more doggy position.. So she spat out my cock.. Now rock hard again.. And he was the first one to enter her.. He was going steady and she was absolutely loving it.. He worked his pace until he was fucking her hard and deep.. She could hardly hold a cock in her mouth.. He was opening her buttcheeks I could see he liked doing that.. Then started to spit on her ass hole.. Started opening it up with his thumb.. He kept opening her ass hole up a bit at a time until he was fully fingering her. She grunted at the start maybe felt a bit of pain but went into pleasure moans soon after.. Her tits were bouncing backwards and forwards quite quickly and I started having a feel between been sucked.. The other guy started mouth fucking her harder too.. So I was left in the middle just touching her tits.. I knew nothing of what I was doing but was going with the flow.. Again I felt I had lost my hardness but didn't care as much. I just wanted to not look inexperienced.. I positioned myself under her looking up at her tits... Man what a site! In no time I was licking her tits been pounded on the face by them.. She started masturbating me again meanwhile been pounded at both ends by 2 hard cocks I'd seen (porn clips that is).i could see both cocks going into her..the one into her pussy looked like a real life porn clip.. Cant recall how many times i had typed 'girl on spit' before lol.. Those shots you see in close up.. I wanted to reach over to touch her clit..but didn't want to make the other guy or myself uncomfortable if I was to touch his cock accidentally as we were all straight. I held back and enjoyed being titi smashed..

I have a great pic (one of many many)of this if anyone is interested.. Pm me:)