Written by Anonymous

3 Jun 2019

This is how my first group session took place. The names have not been changed because, if any of them manage to read this here, then it doesn’t matter. Plus all the names are common anyway.

As I’m not a writer, please forgive the unprofessional way I’ve written it, but I’ll do my best. Proof reading is also not my strong point, so forgive my errors.

Unfortunately for me, it happened when I was too young and still had that jealousy thing going, but I allowed my cock to initiate what happened. Just young, dumb, and full of cum.

It was a very warm summer’s night and my girlfriend and I’s unit in the Inner West of Sydney had no air conditioning, as was normal back then.

I’m Paul, Sharon was the GF. Our friends, Peter and Cheryl had come over for dinner and as was customary for young Aussie teenagers, in a couple of hours we were two parts pissed. (That’s drunk to anyone from OS)

We were all young and in our late teens. Not quite 20.

Cheryl was by far the most sexually aggressive of the four of us. She had a curvy full body, sort of a belly dancer figure with ample tits, and Sharon, was very similar.

As we got more alcohol in us it seemed to get warmer. Chery suggested that we go outside and use the garden hose to cool off. Our unit was a ground floor unit with a door directly out to a dark backyard. Our unit was part of a converted large 19th century two story house.

While we hosed down Cheryl suggested that we all get naked. This both girls did. Peter and I just stripped down but left our underpants on. We hosed ech other down for a little while. We could just make out their naked bodies in the dark and I think both Pete and I were now wondering where this was going.

Pete had been trying to fuck Sharon for a couple of years and I’d love to fuck Cheryl but I was also the type back then that believed , just because I want to fuck yours, doesn’t mean I want you to fuck mine. Unlike the caring, sharing guy I am now.

Peter and I decided to return inside. We sat down and drank a bit more and said nothing. We were both wondering how the girls were going to return inside and where would this go. I had a mixture of being extremely aroused and fear of Sharon fucking Peter. But fuck I was horny.

Well. Of course they returned totally naked, sat down and picked up their glasses and just stared at us as they sipped their drink.

So there we were, two teenage boys, looking at two naked teenage girls, looking at us with "now whatcha gonna do about it"? eyes.

My cock was now taking control. I knew I’d hate myself in the morning but I wanted my cock in Cheryl badly. I couldn’t take my eyes off her big tits, sweet looking nipples and trimmed pussy. She was sex personified. Peter made a comment on how hot Sharon looked.

It became too much to bare so I suggested that we go into the bedroom. No one said no.

Sharon and Chery laid on their backs next to each other on the bed and Peter and I started sucking our own GFs tits, fingering and licking their pussies. Sharon grabbed my cock and started pulling it slowly but enough to make me very hard. Not that I needed help with that by then.

Peter had taken his undies off and only then did I realised that he had a large thick cock and it wasn't even hard yet.

I looked at Cheryl’s tits beside me and it was too much to resist. I had a feel. Pete said “hey” but I saw he had a big smile on his face and Cheryl said “isn’t that the point of this”.

Well, it was like the whistle had blown to start the game. I started sucking Cheryl’s nipples and slipped my fingers into her very wet and warm pussy and Peter was doing the same to Sharon. We went from girl to girl, licking and sucking. I was so horny it was like being high.

Peter then said we needed to change positions. "We should lie on our backs, it's the girls turn to do things to us" he said. Cheryl said that we should change partners.

With that, Cheryl sat on my cock and it went straight in her pussy and deep and she started rocking and sliding. It was a little too much for me this whole scene. It was just too erotic. I could feel I was about to blow my balls. So I pulled it out. She just seemed to suck it straight back in and off she went again. I didn’t want to look at what was going on with Sharon and Peter, I just kept concentrating on not blowing my load too soon. But I had Cheryl's gorgeous tits in front of me and the wonderful feeling of my cock deep inside her wet warm pussy. So I pulled it out again and again she sucked it straight back up. This time she started trying to beat me to death with her pussy. She slammed down hard and fast. I decided there was nothing left to do but hope to stay hard long enough after I shot my load for her to cum.

Well of course that didn’t happen. I shot my load very quickly with the cunt bashing I was receiving and I gave it everything to try and make her cum before it went limp, but it was to no avail. Down my cock went and out it flopped. She did say "shit, I was so close"

Now my conscience kicked in. I’ve blown my load and my brain was taking control again.

Now I looked over. Peter was having an issue with the situation as well but the opposite to me. He wasn’t getting hard.

Then my beautiful girlfriend who was obviously aching to fucked, started licking his cock and balls and took his cock into her mouth. Soon she had his cock up to his balls deep in her throat and when she pulled her head back, his cock was rock hard. All nine or so inches of it. I couldn't believe all that was in her mouth. She looked like a sword swallower. He was now hard and ready to go.

I’d blown in his girlfriend so I knew I’d have to see this to the end. The contract had been signed.

Sharon was sucking his cock deep and only letting his cock out to lick his balls. She actually pushed his legs back and wide to get a good lick of them. His cock looked enormous.

Cheryl sat next to me to get a good look and said “that looks fucken hot”. I thought “I hate this”.

Sharon sat on his cock and started rocking hard and was making noises that I’d never heard before. Anyone listening from outside would think she’s being tortured.

After what seemed to be forever watching Sharon’s ass trying to squash Petes balls, Cheryl yelled out, “come on babe, fuck her hard”. I could only look at Cheryl with a look of “what the fuck”.

Peter rolled Sharon onto her back and pushed her legs back and apart and it was almost in slow motion I watched his big thick cock slide deep into her pussy until only his balls were hanging out. And then it looked like he tried to push them in too. Sharon actually arched her back in what , I assume was, a combination of pleasure and pain.

He’d pull his cock almost all the way out and then thrust hard and as deep as he could. I could see her juice on his shaft and his balls slam hard into her ass cheeks. That vision is etched in my brain. Now it's a hot memory but then it was someting I tried to forget.

And the sound. Peter was grunting with every thrust, Sharon was moaning and making "oh" sounds. Cheryl, kept saying stuff like, “fuck that cunt babe, fuck it”. I noticed that she was rubbing her clit and fingering herself.

To be fair Cheryl, did occasionally give my cock a rub and a little suck but she was more interested in watching the action and adding the odd bit of commentary on it. Something I didn't need.

Peter then started to ask Sharon if she liked his cock. “Do you like my cock in you”? “Yes” she replied almost breathless. “Tell Paul you like my cock”. At first she didn’t say anything so he thrust hard into her whick made her groan.”Tell him you like my cock in your cunt”. And each time she didn’t say anything he’d slam harder and harder into her. Eventually when he said “Now tell Paul you like my cock fucking your cunt” she looked at me, smiled and said “oh I love this cock in my cunt”. He gave a few hard thrusts in what I think was a fucking victory lap.

Cheryl then moved in and started rubbing his balls as he continued to fuck her. “Are you going to cum babe”? she said. Peter said to Sharon, “you want my cum deep inside you”? Sharon just nodded and said ”please”. and "ah" as his balls hit her ass again.

Peter started thrusting harder and faster until finally he pushed in hard, held it in deep, his ass cheeks puckered as he pushed in as deep as he could get and his body spasmed with every squirt of cum he shot into her. Sharon’s legs and arms wrapped around his ass and pushed him in tight, she obviously wanted every drop. He then flopped on top of her. He was finally spent.

He then gave her a big deep kiss, thanked her and got off. I could see cum run out of her pussy and down her bum crack.

Cheryl gave him a kiss. It was finally over.

I did get to fuck Cheryl 1on1 on the sly a few times over a couple of years until they eventually broke up. But as I was not happy with proceedings that night, the group thing never happened again. I’m not sure if Sharon ever fucked Peter again. Probably did. I'd be surprised if she didn't.

It took many many years before I saw the error of my ways and joined in on this lifestyle that I now love.

I'd give anything to return to that night. It would play out very differently. It would be me saying "fuck that cunt, fuck it hard"