28 Jul 2019

I had been on this site for a while. I got a direct message; inviting me to a swingers party. WOW! I had been thinking about it. Yep. Now is the time. I replied YES. It was to be this Friday night at 8.30. Fuck! I had no idea what to do. I kept working; but it was on my mind. Work is my solitude. I couldn't get it out of my head. So that's it! I was committed.

All that week, I thought about it. Nerves drove me. Do I? Don't I? I was so fucking scared. The ultimate fantasy. The one on the end of my list, I had made 10 years earlier. I couldn't believe I had got to this point. By Friday morning, I was on track. Fuck yes. I was going to do it. I got my shit together and drove. I found the motel. Then I drove the route to the house and back. Memorized it and checked in. It was going to take me about 30-40 minutes to walk there. It was raining.

I had a few beers. Had a shower. Groomed myself. Got dressed. Got my shit together. It was 7.45pm. Fuck! Time to walk. I walked. It was all uphill, 3.5 ks on foot. I got there at 8.55pm; late. It didn't matter. Tim met me. I gave him the $100 . "Dee's in there" he points. I follow. I had spoken with Dee earlier in the day, for 20 minutes. We had a nice connection. I found her. She welcomed me.

"I'll show you around". She did. Three "dark" rooms with double or bigger beds and a sheet on the top; with candles. The rest of the house was normal; for socializing. Cool. I grabbed a beer and went outside.

By 9.30, Dee made an announcement "Time to get into your gear." I had no idea what this meant. "Dee. What does that mean?" "I told you on the phone. A gown or something, with jocks". "I don't have jocks with me" "Then go naked underneath." So I did.

The party changed after that. It was like we all had permission. People started disappearing into the rooms. I went and had a peek. In the first room, it was hard to get a look in. People were crowded around watching. A girl was laying on the bed on her back. One guy had his cock in her mouth. Another guy was fucking her. Then there were 6 other guys; three on each side; rubbing her body everywhere. Wow!

I went outside again for a smoke. One of the guys was out there I had met earlier. "How does this work now?" I ask. "There are 15-20 single guys here. Why do you think I haven't changed? What's the point? I'm here for the social". I contemplate his version. OK. He is no doubt correct. The hosts had loaded the night with single guys; why? Because they make $100 each from them. Couples are $25. Single girls are free. It is a business. Right! OK. It's not going to happen. But I may as well enjoy, yes? So I did just that. Forgot about the sex and just partied.

By 11, I had chatted with everyone. Yep. Two single girls had told me they wanted me to check them out, in the "rooms". We went. It was cool. PS. I was getting a bit pissy by then, so my recollection [this is a true story] is a bit scattered.

I know I went down on them both and made them come. I know they enjoyed me. In the "room", it tended to lead to the next "room". A couple took over, after the girls left. "I want you to look after her while I have fun" He was about 35 and handsome. OK. I'm thinking. Pity we aren't doing the couple. Anyway, I look at her. He had left; leaving her with me. We were alone. She was a little pissy. She was blonde, athletic, C cup boobs and looking at me. She was completely naked. I just went with it. I was feeling romantic. I didn't care. I sucked her up. She grabbed me. In that situation, the body takes over,

I can't remember details; I can remember feelings. (Next time I won't drink so much; now that I know how it works). She was very highly sexed. We enjoyed each other. She came quite a few times. I got romantic with her even more. Some time later; I was fucking her again, for the Xth time and he appeared. He sat on the bed, next to her. He had a beer. I stopped and hopped off. "Who are you?" "Husband". [This bit, I remember well]. My reflex action took over. I withdrew. "Shit man sorry". "Hey man. You are making her happy. I just wanted to watch. I'm done for now" I had lost my shit. My cock got soft. I told him "Sorry man. I'm done too". She gives me the look. I ignore her. He says "Hey man. It's all good. Keep going". He leaves and she and I are alone again. I look at her. She looks at me. I take her in my arms and kiss her. She responds. We fuck again.

It was now well after midnight. I had been active. Good. I go to the kitchen. Not sure why. I see Dee. I Like her (The host). "Hey Dee" "Hey You" "What next". "They go home and we go to bed". That spurred a thought. "Do you two play?" "Yes, but only after everyone has gone home" I contemplate. I head outside. Tim is still next to the fire. I check him out. He is cool. I head back to the kitchen and do the dishes. After everyone leaves; we are on our own. "Which room" Tim asks Dee. "This one" I follow. We all get naked and get close on the bed. Now; let me tell you. Don't ever, ever judge a person by their exterior. These two had awesomely sexy bods; and knew how to them. Again, my recollection is a series of pics. We were warm and skin on skin all three of us. He and I were both very hard. His cock was similar size to mine. We crept over each other, exploring. When I sucked him, I took all of him into my throat. I like that. I could feel her caressing me as I did him. So wonderful. When I fucked her, he caressed us both.

When all inhibitions are expelled; Anything is possible. We had a lovely time until 3.30am. The walk back to the motel was dreamy.