Written by mech2750

29 May 2013

Several years ago, my work took me to Melbourne, and i was staying opposite the casino. After a long, and late evening with work, i arrived at the hotel at about 10.30. At the bar they served light snacks after the restaurant had closed, so it was a couple of schooners, and toasted sanga's. I think i was on my 3rd beer, when a very attractive lady came over and asked if she could buy me a drink. I asked if that was a trick question, so we had a drink together. After a little bit of idle chat, she told me that She, and her husband live in country Victoria, and come to town once or twice a year, stay in a hotel to have a bit of a fantasy weekend away. She then said that her husband likes to watch her be fucked by other guys, and would i be interested in fucking her... i nearly sprayed my beer, but i said yes. She looked over her shoulder, and motioned to her husband, who was at the other end of the bar, to come over. We shook hands, said hello, and that was about it. We went up to their room. It was all dark, except for a lamp next to the bed, and the husband went over and sat in a dark corner. His wife and i striped off, and hopped onto the bed, she was very passionately kissing me, and i was feeling her all over, as i glanced over to the corner, i couldn't even see the husband. This sex was very passionate, lots of kissing, slow and varied. I ended up flat on my back, with this beautiful woman kneeling over my face so i could lick and suck her pussy. As i was doing this i stated to get the best headjob ever, i ran my hands up her back, only to realise she was totally upright, then the penny dropped (remember the beers) The husband was sucking me off.. It startled me and he knew it, so he jumped off, and his wife let me up.. "Im sorry, i just got so caught up in the moment, and i love the taste of my wife on another man's cock" As he said that, i realised that just before that, i was getting the best head ever, and he has just been watching me with his wife, a real stunner, in all different positions. I thought, what the hell, so i said that i was cool with it. So the next hour was spent with my cock in either his wife, or his mouth. I came several times, once was in his mouth. I had the time of my life, and it opened up my eyes to pleasures that i did not know existed. Before that night, if a man would have asked me to put my dick in his mouth, i probably would have punched him out... That night, and that couple taught me a lot. They were very much in love, and it showed. No names were ever mentioned, and of course i never saw them again.. But i hope they might see this story and realise how much that night changed me as a person.