12 May 2019

This story starts about 12 years ago, an ex girlfriend of mine who I had always kept in touch with called me one day to ask for a favor. The relationship we had, had broken down only because of timescales and with us both doing shift work we barely got to see each other. While on the phone she explained to me how a good friend of hers had visited a swingers club, from what her friend had told her she liked the sound of it and was looking for a partner to go with her, as the conversation went on she explained to me how the story had awoken a curious side to her she had never considered before. After a couple of weeks planning and getting the courage to actually go to the before mentioned club the night had finally arrived. When I arrived at "Susan's" house she was still getting ready, there must have been at least six different outfits laying on top of her bed, Susan had tried each of them on and couldn't find what she thought was the right outfit. Susan re tried all the outfits on again asking my opinion on each one, it was blatantly obvious she had been planning this night for a while. Susan had been out earlier and had been freshly waxed, she had had her hair done looked amazing. Being honest she looked so good I could have happily just stayed in her bedroom all night and just enjoyed her curves which we both considered doing but managed to distract our selves long enough to focus on getting to the club. Eventually Susan chose an outfit and we were in the car en route to our first ever swingers club. The goal for the night was to let Susan explore her curious side and discover how it would be for her to touch and be touched by another woman. Arriving at the club we were both nervous, neither of us had been to a place like this before and up until now neither had any previous thoughts about enjoying pleasures from someone of the same sex. When arriving at he door we were greeted by a woman who called herself Crystal, as it was a members only club we had to fill out some forms and have our ID checked. Crystal then gave us a tour of the club, Downstairs there was a bar with a dance floor which had a pole in the middle of it, this was surrounded by numerous rooms each of which had a different theme's, some had holes in the wall so people could watch from outside, others had multiple beds and swings of all shapes and sizes. Crystal then took us upstairs to continue the tour, again there was a bar, dance floor with a pole in the middle but all the seats at tables around the room were specially designed two seaters. there were showers with clear walls around the room, we were then taken down a corridor with beds on either side which Crystal explained you can stop and watch people on these beds but you are not allowed to touch unless they ask you too. This led onto a large circular room with a continuous bench around the outside, Placed in the center of the room was a circular bed which could fit up to twenty people on it. Crystal informed us that if we were to get on this bed e would be consenting to anyone else on the bed to touch us and there were very few boundaries. This was a lot to take in, I was nervous, excited and my mind was trying to process the whole venue. We decided to start in the bar downstairs and have just a little bit of liquid courage only to be told it was a BYO drinks as they didn't have a licence to sell alcohol. Crystal then produced a 4 pack of beer and a bottle of red wine which she put behind the bar with our names on it. By this time the club was starting to fill and Susan and myself were looking round the room for potential partners of which there were many. After a while and talking to quite a few people we started walking round the room and looking into the surrounding rooms, there were couples, threesomes and foursomes all enjoying themselves and also enjoying being watched, by this time we were both starting to feel a bit horny so decided to see what was happening upstairs. Once we got up there we sat down for awhile to have a drink and were approached by two couples who we had made obvious we were interested in earlier. The conversation quickly got onto the reason we were there and I explained to them about Susan's curiosities, both couples were very willing to help Susan Explore these feelings and told us to follow them into the corridor, they told Susan to watch for a while and when she felt comfortable enough she could join in, just for the record we didn't need a second invite to watch these couples naked and enjoying each other. Once all four of them were naked they got on the bed and initially started kissing and touching their own partners, this only lasted a couple of minutes until the two females turned round and started kissing and touching each other, it may have just been in my mind but the women appeared to kiss each other more passionately than they had kissed their male partners. they took it in turns touching, kissing and licking each others breasts as their partners played with them from behind.

This was the moment when both women looked at Susan and invited her to join them, Susan was a bit apprehensive especially now as quite a few other club members had gathered around watching what was happening, I could see by the look in her eyes she really wanted to join in so I reassured her she would be ok and unzipped her dress where she stood, I could feel both the nerves and excitement in her body as I removed her Bra, Susans nipples were more erect than I had ever seen them before she had Goosebumps all over her body which I could feel as I moved my hands down her body to remove her G string which by this time was so wet I could have wrung it out. The two women on the bed were beckoning Susan to join them which with a bit more encouragement from me she did, Both women took an arm each and laid Susan on the bed, restricting her movements as they lay on one arm each, (this obviously wasn't the first time they had done this) they both started licking Susans erect nipples taking one each, I could see Susan biting on her bottom lip which from previous experience let me know just how much she was enjoying it, the two women looked at each other and like a well planned attack they both moved in opposite directions, one went up and started kissing Susan passionately while the other went down to what was now Susans glistening pussy, She parted it gently and in a very teasing way gently licked around the perimeter as Susan was thrusting towards her trying to get more contact, by this time the two men involved had become spectators until the woman kissing Susan encouraged them to help by concentrating on Susans nipples which they both did without hesitation. As all four were licking and touching Susan she came louder harder and faster than she had ever done before, it took about a minute for her body to stop shaking and for her to be able to breath properly, everyone one on the bed looked very happy with a mission achieved type look about them and just when we thought it was all over Susan insisted on repaying the favor. I will save that story for another day though

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