Written by snakeinbris

12 Jan 2013

My girl and I met many years ago on an adult site, for a year b4 we met we used to chat about everyday things..no sex chat etc,.

But one night out of the blue I asked her if she would like to finally meet for a drink, well we met in the queen st mall at one of the open air pubs, she was very shy and guarded, she kept on saying she had to leave to be home for her sons to get home, it seemed to me she was tryinf to brush me off, but she got a call from her ex saying the boys wanted to stay another night, well she finally relaxed, I bought her rum and cokes and we enjoyed the day, bout 4pm she said she better get home anyway, I said to her that maybe we could continue this tonite and she agreed, we met at her local hotel with her 18 yo girlfriend, who turned out to be a real player..and I came along with my friend, as the night wore on and drinks were drunk she started brushing up against my cock..she was really looosening up, I didnt realise how much, I went to the mens and when I came out she had her tongue down my friends throat, I played along with it..and at the end of the night we gave her a ride home and when we arrived she asked me in, I didnt need to be asked twice,we went into her place got me a drink and she sat down at her computer, I stoood behind her gently rubbing her shoulders..and without her realising I managed to undo all her buttons on her shirt, revealing a set of tits to die for...well the night was a drunken blur..but following day my friend and i arrived and she was in a very good moood, we had a few drinks and she started brushing past our cocks again, I pulled her aside and asked if she was up for both of us doing her....she didnt answer in words..she dropped to her knees and got my cock out of my pants into her mouth in one movement, just as my friend walked in..he went to walk out and she grabbed his pants and did the same to him whipped his cock from pants into her mouth, well we knew what needed to be done..get her on the bed...we sucked a nipple each while both our fingers went straight to her wet..waxed..wide open cunt...it was so wet we just kept on tasting her juice of our fingers, and then she started to do the same..1 finger..2 fingers..3 fingers..sliding up her tight cunt...we were both rock hard and looked at each other then she just said ..who is going to fuck me first..!!!..being a polite guy I said to my friend...go for it..he went straight down and started eating her cunt..when he raised his head up it was coated in sweet cunt juice..I was kneeling beside her head..hard cock in hand..I looked down and she had a look of a girl who loves cock..she started to suck my cock, in a way no one had done before...my friend was grunting sweating and banging her cunt like it was the last fuck on earth...she started to moan in a low gritted teeth way...with her mouth full of my cock, watching my friends cock going in and out turned me on more..she was making more noise..my hands were on her head I I was skull fucking her..her lips turned a crimson shade..her eyes glazed over..the neighbours must have known what we were doing to her..but none of us cared..she showed us how much she loves cock..my friend was reaching the point of blowing his load..she was starting to quiver all over..he pulled out and shot his load all over her tits..seeing him cum turned me on..never got off on a guy cumming...and i could feel the throbbing in the base of my balls ...she did too..she sucked my cock..and fondled my balls..she felt my load building too...I held her head so most of my cock was down her throat..and gave her the biggest load of cum I had ever shot.. my friend was turned on by watching me empty cum down her throat and was jerking his once again big cock.. she grabbed his cock and started pulling it..and that got me hard....I asked if she needed anything to wash down my cum..and she came with me to get a drink for all of us, she again shocked me, by telling me she noticed both us guys looking at each others cocks..and wanted to know if we would jerk each other off...well this threw me..we went back into the bedroom and she asked my friend the same thing..we both looked at each other..and I said if ur ok with me playing with ur cock I will start..well no sooner had I had another mans cock in my hand he grabbed my cock and started wanking me, she was sitting there..fingers buried deep in her still dripping cunt..saying how she has always wanted to se 2 guys playing,.. I had a fair idea where she was going..she wanted to se 2 guys suck each others cocks,..I secretly had always been curious bout it, and i said to my friend that she is getting hornier and wetter the more we play with each other..I asked if he was ok and he said go for it..well it was strange yet weird..but incredible fucking hot..seeing the lok on her face..then looking up at my friend eyes shut..moaning..with pleasure..then she started to suck his cock with me..we met at the head of his cock and kissed and licked his shaft either side..I was jerking myself of as well...we were getting off at her getting off at us sucking cock..my friend was ready to blow and pushed me off..and started to gobble my cock...Fuck it felt great yet looking at the top of his head..another man sucking my cock..it was undescribable..but felt great..well to cut a long story short my girl and I have been together for 7 yrs now, and I am more than happy to suck cock..for my pleasure as well as hers,..I have often gone out and found gys to fuck her many times as well as having 4somes with couples..and whenever possible I will suck cock..it sends her wild..I know all the women who have seen me give head are the same..they love to see men sucking cock...as all us guys always wish to see girl on girl action..girls love to see guy on guy action...we have no plans to slow our sexual appetite down and have recently found a 20 yo guy to suck together..and he loves it..she loves riding him..I clean his cock when he slides his cock out..guys ..dont be afraid to go the extra mile to keep ur girl happy..they will stay and play for years with you as my cockbandit baby has with me...