Written by kinkybiguy

4 Sep 2013

I met my gf a while back now and we got it on like wildfire coz she loved my adventurous bi side and i got of on her promiscuity and like me , a love of hung guys! When wed fuck shed tell me about her ex roots, especialy the very well hung ones phil, a hot body cute guy with dark skin and a very fat cock and great root, and neil a guy i used to hang out with just like phil, and she swears hes got the biggest fattest cut cock shes ever fucked!

Well this one night i told her how much id love to watch her fuck her exs and she informed me she still gets offers from them and it would be easy to arrange a hook up. We met phil at the peel in fitzroy and debbie got him shit faced and she told him what her intentions were as long as i could watch and he told me he would fuck the shit out of deb for me.

After ditchin the peel we went to his carlton pad and had more drinks deb undressed phil and herself and started to work on one of the fattest beatiful cocks ive seen and i asked phil if hed let me put his cock in debs pussy for him and he said we both need to beg him for sex so we both did deb most loudly and thats when i had the hottest exp in a long time putting a huge cock in my gfs pussy and watching her come in seconds.

Phil loved making me watch me dominate my her and show me how much she loved being violated by him, i we loved it too many many times.