Written by Big fella

1 Dec 2016

It was a hot summers day when i saw E arrive at the local baths. Her golden locks her perfect tits and tight ass you could crack a flee on just visible through her green lycra one peice.

This sexy babe turned around backwards to use the steep steps and i could clearly see through her bandy legs the glorious out line and full shape of her bald pussy.

Small pleasantries where exchanged and she came straight out and said you want to feel my pussy. Not being the shy type i gave her lips a bit of a rub . That makes me wet she said.

Why don't you finger me she demanded well who am i to argue as i inserted two fingers into her ever moistening snatch and one eased into her chocky star washer. Her hand went staight down my foot short grabbed my cock as roughly began to stroke saying its pretty big and cut. I said i will show later how big it gets to which she smiled and said shove in me now if you want .

In one motion she put her legs around me and pulled the crouch of her swimmers to one side and with the other she guided the head of my cock into her extremely tight pussy forcing down to take the full length. Now lets walk around and talk to people while you fuck me she demanded. We talked walked grunted and groaneds she stayed impaled on my cock using her muscles to squeaze and contract. Then suddenly E began twitch a shudder and shake wildy and i followed with the top of my head exploding off. What a girl