Written by Big fella

12 Dec 2016

We had been on a bus trip 3 hrs away from home when the lights went out. E came down the isle and jumped in the set beside me layed her head on my lap and began to nibble my semi hard cock through my shorts. With her skirt on and legs dangling in the isle i jammed my arm under her leg and drove two digits into her tight moist hole. With my other arm i went straight in on her firm hand full of tit and now very pointed nipple which i rolled and pinched to her delight. She released my thick now very rigid cock and shoved it straight down the back of her throat gagging. She does the old tounge massage on the under side of my cock head which i stop not yet baby as she snorts and a gush of squirt flies out over my hand. She sits up and turns away from me grabbs my cock facing the front of the bus impales herself in one thrust down which nearly snaps my cock off. With this she wiggles her tight buns from side to side and it doesnt take long for me to flush the insides of this cock jockey with my baby batter. There is juice every where not to mention the pure smell of fucking in the air but no one seemed to notice. What a girl