Written by Charlotte

9 Sep 2015

My Husband Shares Me With A Colleague

I'm the wife of a successful businessman and accompany him to his company's formal evening functions which occur several times a year in different hotel venues. We're in our mid-40s, both trim and fit, still in love after over 20 years together, and can't keep our hands off each other anywhere near a bedroom. We're both highly sexed and passionate, and he's a fabulous lover. We have sex at least three or four times a week during which he gives me fabulous orgasms. You'd think I would be satisfied, and I am, but….

After a particularly intense session in bed about two years ago, hubby asked for the first time in our marriage if I had any sexual fantasies. I said I had none, but he pressed me saying he'd noticed I seemed to be attracted to black men at some recent company functions, talking or dancing with them for longer than I would do in the past. I denied it, but he reeled off several examples and told me he wanted me to be totally honest. After hesitating for a time, I admitted that such men had a certain appeal, but only in an off hand way. He gazed into my eyes and said, "Be honest, don't you wonder what it would be like to experience it just once?"

I shyly nodded and said, "I have wondered, but I'd never do anything to jeopardize our marriage!" He continued, "And what if I wouldn't mind watching you do it and then have you afterward?" I told him I wasn't sure this was a road we should follow, but he asked me to consider it. The next day I couldn't think about anything else and was wet and horny the whole day. Since hubby had brought it up and was urging me in that direction, I thought maybe it would be alright to indulge that fantasy. When he came home from work, he immediately noticed my arousal in my demeanor and a hint of lust in my face. He quickly kissed me passionately, then led me to our bedroom and made mad passionate love to me, making me come several times in succession. As we cuddled afterward, he said, "You've been thinking about it. Do you want to do it?" I replied, "Yes, but are you sure you really want me to be with another man?" He nodded a 'yes' and told me it had been a fantasy of his for a few years.

The next company function was in a little over a week and we made love every night up to it, probably because both of us were fantasizng about me with another man. As we drove to the hotel the night of the function, I was nervous and skittish on an emotional level, and wet and horny on a physical level. I told hubby and he admitted he was experiencing the same dichotomy of feelings, but was excited about it. He reiterated I should just 'do my thing' and not worry about him. I asked about him wanting to watch and participate, and he again told me not to be concerned about him. I was so nervous, I didn't press him on that point.

We joined the cocktail portion already in progress. By the time I had made small talk with a few people I knew, I had settled down and was mingling normally. But my heart flipped and my stomach churned when I saw across the room the black colleague of my husband who had so intrigued me at the last function. He came up and re-introduced himself, saying he had such a pleasant conversation with me at the last one, he wanted to continue it. I laughed nervously, but we were soon talking easily. He stayed close to me, even when others came up to talk, until my husband collected me for the dinner portion.

After dinner, we all went into the ballroom where there was dancing. I danced with hubby twice, then he was there asking for permission to dance with me. We danced several slow numbers in succession, while hubby went off to socialize with the clients who were there. It felt wonderful to be in his arms as he was a good dancer, and he held me just close enough so I got a good idea of how muscular he was and, as our thighs occasionally intertwined during some of our dance movements, I could tell he had a good sized partial erection which aroused me.

After another ten minutes or so, he steered us out onto one of the balconies where we were alone. He held my hand and looked into my eyes saying I was an extremely attractive woman and my husband was lucky to have me. I felt a heaviness in my breasts and a trembling in my tummy. He continued by saying he was attracted to me as a man and wondered if my husband fully appreciated me as a woman. I knew exactly where he was headed and, as I replied that my husband took very good care of me as a woman, I felt a warmth and moistness in my groin.

He said that after so many years of marriage, didn't I wonder what it would be like to be the center of another man's attention. I asked why he thought that and he told me I had given off some signs of interest at the last function and was giving off definite signs this evening that I might be interested in going off with him. I told him I was flattered, but was not interested in jeopardizing my marriage. He smiled and said, "That means you're interested, but just worried about consequences." He moved the few inches separating us, ran his hands through my hair pulling my face to his, and kissed me.

I was a bit startled, but didn't resist and, when I felt his tongue run along my closed lips, I opened them a bit. He darted his tongue inside and, before I was fully aware, my tongue met his and we deepened the kiss. As we kissed, he placed his wide spread hands on my chest just below my breasts and thumbed my nipples through my dress. His touch started my nipples to harden and sent a wave of arousal to my groin. I ended the kiss and told him we should go back inside.

He told me he had gotten a room there for the night and urged me come with him to it. I hesitated and asked, "What about my husband?" He replied, "He'll be busy socializing with potential clients for the rest of the evening and we shouldn't be missed for an hour or so. I think you want to find out." "Find out what", I asked. He smiled and said, "What it's like with a black man." I was momentarily taken aback by his boldness as he took my hand and headed us toward the lift.

By the time I realized I had passed the point of no return, we were in the lift. At his floor, he hurried us into his room and pulled me into a full body hug, kissing me deeply. As I placed my arms around his neck and kissed him back, his hands were caressing my breasts, and I moaned when his fingers gently rubbed and squeezed my nipples. He unzipped the back of my cocktail dress, pulled the top half off my shoulders, and pushed it down to my waist. The dress had a built-in bra, so my breasts were naked before him. He moved his hands and lips to them, caressing my breasts and sucking my nipples, a deadly combination that sent more shock waves to my groin. Before I knew it, he had my cocktail dress sliding down my legs along with my tights and knickers. The man certainly knew how to quickly undress a woman with a minimum of effort. I kicked the dress aside and returned to his embrace.

My breasts were swollen and heavy with arousal, my nipples hard and elongated, and my groin was on fire. He slipped his hand between my legs and into my groove. He could feel it was swollen and wet as he ran his fingers up and down my slit, opening me. I moaned, "Oh, God!" several times as he rubbed my clit, swirling it around with his fingertips. I pushed my groin against his hand as my eyes glazed over with passion. He quickly slid his fingers inside and began fingering me, moving his fingers rapidly in and out as he plundered my pussy.

I held onto him tightly as my passion built and, within a minute or so, I felt my hips tremble as a climax rapidly approached. His fingers were now moving in a blur. I suddenly threw my head back and loudly groaned, "Oh, God! Oh, my God! I'm coming!" As the my orgasm deepened and rolled over me in waves, I cried out, "That's it! Don't stop! Oh, don't stop!" He continued fingering me until my moans of pleasure subsided and I sagged in his arms.

He took advantage of my temporary stupor to lay me on the bed. He then quickly shucked off his clothing and climbed between my legs. He levered them open and pushed my thighs back with his hands, fully exposing my wet womanhood. He lowered his groin to mine as he inserted the head of his cock, then pushed it in about half way. When I didn't indicate discomfort with the way his wide and thick cock was stretching me, he slid it in the rest of the way, lowered his upper body onto mine, and placed his hands under my head. He kissed me deeply as he thrust his cock deep into me. I enthusiastically returned his kisses as he stroked my pussy with his cock. It was long enough to nudge my cervix and enhancing my pleasure.

He soon increased the speed and force of his thrusts, pushing me rapidly toward climax. I wrapped my arms and legs tightly around his body as I moaned out my rising passion, urging him on. He thrust his cock harder and deeper into me. My body tingled with anticipation as I felt a climax rapidly approaching. My tummy soon trembled and my hips began jerking. I was right at the edge and begged, "Make me come!" He responded by pounding into me with short, violent thrusts. That was enough to push me over the edge and I shouted out my climax with, "I'm coming! Oh, God! I'm coming! Keep going! Don't stop!" I had an unusually long and strong orgasm. My limbs held him in a death grip as my pussy convulsed and squeezed his cock as intense waves of orgasm rolling over me.

He continued pounding into me and soon came in me with a series of violent thrusts and grunts of release. His cock spurted several times and I felt him flood my pussy with hot cum, which leaked out around his cock and trickled down my groin as he continued thrusting in me. Finally finished, we slowly came down together.

He kept his cock inside as he lay on me recovering his breath. After resting a minute or two, he started stroking his cock in me again. It quickly regained its full hardness and felt wonderful moving inside me, re-igniting my passion. I began moving my hips, matching his thrusts. He smiled as he moved his lips to mine. I eagerly plundered his mouth with my tongue as we rapidly fucked to mutual climaxes. By the time we recovered, there was a considerable trail of cum running out of my pussy making a puddle on the sheet below my bum, but we didn't care.

After just a few minutes of cuddling, he asked if I wanted it again. Being still highly aroused, I told him I did. He grinned and said he would like to be the one, but someone else wanted that honor and looked toward the chair in the corner of the room. My husband had slipped into the room soon unnoticed by me and had watched us fuck. Hubby was naked and as he stood, I saw his cock was rampant. He quickly got between my legs. I was unsure whether to be angry with him for setting this up without my knowledge or horny for him to fuck me. Actually, I was both and welcomed him into me. He slid up me in a single thrust and rapidly fucked us both to mutual climaxes which, after more than 20 years practice, he knew how to do with great skill.

We hugged and cuddled as we recovered, and I whispered in his ear, "Thank you for this evening. I'm really enjoying the experience!" He replied, "So am I - want to continue? We have the room for the whole night and he and I would love to take turns with you until morning!" I grinned and humped my hips against his as my reply, then said, "Let him have his next turn now, and you can have me again later. I want to try him with me on top now."

They exchanged places and my black lover lowered me onto his cock, slowly sliding it up me so I could feel every inch of his cock move against the inner walls of my pussy. I almost swooned with the pleasure of it as I began our next bout of ecstasy. I started out upright, raising and lowering myself on his cock, then lowered my upper body onto his chest and rapidly rolled my groin tightly against him with his cock fully up me. That put my clit in maximum contact with his pubic mound and I came with shouts of intense pleasure.

They took turns on me in various positions as we awakened during the night. As one fucked me, the violence of our fucking would awaken the other one and he would roll onto me for his turn as soon as the first one finished. Needless to say, I got almost no sleep that night and was totally wrung out by morning. I had never been fucked so much, nor had so many orgasms, but it was a wonderfully erotic experience.

Since then, we have invited men to our room at the venue hotels during each company function. I do the selection during the cocktail hour or on the dance floor, and hubby makes the proposal. We're both happy with this arrangement and the frequency satisfies our needs. Between times, we fuck with a heightened passion, especially during the week or so running up to the next company function when, in anticipation of another night long threesome with a new man, we have each other every day, sometimes twice. This has certainly spiced up our already fabulous sex life!