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My last day off

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3 min
Published 10 years ago
My last day off I went to Maslins Beach, our local nudist beach. I had only been there half an hour & some old guy asked me if I wanted to go into the dunes with him - told him no I was quite happy where I was, he asked if he could feel my boobs as he was a widower & hadn't felt a woman's skin for a long while - so I let him, his fingers then started wandering lower to my pussy whilst his mouth came down & sucked my nipples. I was getting so turned on I couldn't help myself I had to feel his cock - it was huge, I couldn't get my hands around it & it was so long. By this time with the attention he'd given to my nipples my pussy was really dribbling, so he spread my legs & moved his tongue down there to clean me up, all the while still fingering me with one hand & playing with my tits with his other. He then climbed on top of me & tried to put his big fat cock into me but he was too big & as people were walking towards us he moved off of me & just lay on his side fingering me & sucking my tits whilst I wanked him until he cum all over my side, he got up & thanked me & said he hopes to see me there again sometime! I scooped up his cum from my side & licked my hand clean. About hour & half later some chinse looking man comes over & askes if he can lay beside me, told him no, he still sat down & asked if he could touch me, told him no please go away as I wanted some peace, but he stayed there & wanked, he was still wanking when I walked into the sea & was still wanking as I walked back up the beach half hour later. He then asked again if he could touch me, again I told him no & to leave me in peace, but he stayed there & kept wanking, trouble was I fell asleep until he touched me & said thank you lady - so I assume he cum. Anyway went for another swim to wake myself up, got back to the beach & was laying there awhile when some aussie looking guy came & stood at my feet, looking me up & down & whilst wanking himself, he didn't say a word just stood there. I rolled over onto my stomach & after 5 mins he moved from my feet but lay down about 10 foot in front of me, still wanking & thrusting his hips towards me. I patted the ground beside me, inviting him across. I had to taste his cock, just couldn't resist it as it looked so good & I told him so, I then climbed on top of him & got into the 69 position with me deep throating him as much as I could & he with his tongue on my clit & fingers in both my holes until I cum, he then lay me on my stomach & entered me from the rear, first in my pussy then once his cock was nice & wet from my juices he slid his cock into my ass, I almost cum on the spot!! A few other guys came & sat down to watch wanking whilst they watched us. He fucked my ass deep & hard until we both cum. He then thanked me for an enjoyable time & left. As I walked down the beach for a swim to clean myself up I could feel his cum dribbling out of my ass & down my thighs, I must admit I did scoop some up so that I could taste him. Beautiful sunset that evening & I was propositioned twice more but I was sore & didn't really want to clean myself up again. I didn't realise how sunburnt I was & where I was sunburnt until I got home & worst of all too painful to have sex!! Still I had sex with two different guys that day & didn't even find out their names. Can't wait to go back there again.

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