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My little secrets.

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Published 3 years ago
I'd finally found the courage to 'put myself back out there' within limits. I didn't want to meet anyone in person, just a generalized conversation with a bit of flirting. So i poured some wine and got myself comfy on the couch. It wasn't too long before an old flame (Lets refer to him as D) from many moons before, had found his way in my messages. We chatted until the early hours like we hadn't spent the last decade living different lives. Soon enough the flirting lead to deep sexual conversations. I openly admitted how he has always had this submissive hold over me and it never quite left. He and his cock were always compared to everyone after & no matter how fantastic they were, they weren't him. This pleased him greatly, soon asking if i was free that night to catch up. I politely declined, having host family members in my home as an excuse. As i hit send, my snapchat notification dinged. Oddly, an ex's best mate (Lets refer to him as R) sent through a very breathtaking photo with a cheeky caption. Having been on my second glass of wine, I thought 'what could go wrong?' So sent an innocent photo with a just as cheeky caption back. Soon enough we flirting. I couldn't believe my luck, 2 guys within an hour & i hadn't even tried. 'Couldn't get luckier' but as my luck would have it, i passed out half way through glass #3. When i woke i had a snapchat from R, showering but coincidentally covered just enough. I'd must've stumbled into bed at somepoint and stripped into my underwear. With many thanks to the filter's i decided to try keep the flirting up with R by sending him a sexy bed selfie. Hair purposely messily placed blanket covering enough to just see my collarbone and shoulders, lacey bra strap dangling off my shoulder. The flirting went on for days. During that time, D was on and off. I wasn't quite sure what was going on. The following weekend had come by and I'd been out for an event. I found an excuse to leave early, truly just ready for bed. Driving gome, D messaged me. I instantly rolled my eyes, wondering if the only reason he was messaging was because he'd be drinking. While i was ready to settle, i wanted something low key.. Especially with D as a master. I threw my phone on the floor of the car and continued my journey home.. as soon as i pulled into my driveway, i messaged him back. How could i not after all. Sooky he didn't reply than and there, i went for a shower and washed my make up, ready for bed. Than he shocks me.. as i get comfy in bed, he asks if we could maybe catch up in person when I'm ready for a chat. I probe for more answers and finally get him to admit he's interested in a low key d/s relationship but he's never done anything of the kind so took a few days to be sure of his decision. I told him i was free than and there. It was cold, so i had no intentions of dressing up. I stayed in my track and jumper, brushed my hair & decided to leave it out and headed off. We agreed to meet in a half lit, carpark. I pulled up, butterflies going mad, i rang him. 'I'm here' i choked out, nervous. 'Get out of the car so i know you're alone.' I do as I'm told. He wraps me in his arms and head back into the car. We talk general and than details. He asks if ill obey his commands. I greddily agreed, not expecting them so soon. Drive down the road, directing me to an even more lit carpark on a somewhat busy st. I reverse park so we're facing to road as instructed. I turned innocently to him, wondering what he had in mind. He tucked my hair behind my ear with the most wicked smile on his face, i bit my lip thinking of what we use to get up too. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me forward, kissing me eagerly. I jumped on his lap, grinding into him. He pushed me back and laughed. I looked at him puzzled, not even concerned who was around, or who could see. He put me back in my seat, unbuckling his belt, i greedily jumped in and unbuttoned his pants. He moved into the back for more room. 'Come to me' he said, so i did. I went to trace his girth beneath his underwear when he grabbed my wrist. 'When you're told missy' i whimpered but smiled. He kissed me eagerly again. Told me to be a good girl, to show him how much i wanted to make him and only him happy. He didn't have to say much more before i was licking his thick length. I'd forgotten how long and thick he really is. I put my lips over the head and licked his slit, cleaning his precum up before trying to take more. He was ever so gently holding my hair out of the way, soaking in every gurgle and slurp i made trying to contain it all. He must've grew impatient with the slower motions as he grabbed to fist full of hair, told me not to move and shoved the remainder of him down my throat. I started to splutter so he let me free. Tears running down my face, drooling i asked for more and started taking him completely before giving him time to answer. He kept edging himself, throwing me on his lap as he did (im quite petite and 50kgs and he is very muscular and solid) his cock would push into my very wet kitty, id start bouncing with impatience and he'd put me back on my knees, which I never once complained about. I begged him to fuck my mouth, that i wanted to wake up with a reminder of him fucking my face. This aroused him more, he held my face in placed, fucking me so hard his balls were slapping against my chin. Pls cum for me i murmured between thrusts, I pulled out of his grasp, 'i want to taste your cum down my throat, pls master' i begged a little more. 'Since you've been a good girl' and he reentered my mouth, fucking me harder than before and it wasn't long before he was coming down my throat. I made sure i cleaned up the overflow on his cock and his balls. He wiped my tears, told me i was an exceptionally good girl. I went to straddle him in the midst of conversation when he put back in my seat & buckled me up. 'Not tonight sweet girl' in a lustful state, i obeyed and dropped him home. Arriving home once again, i showered, this time playing with myself replaying every moment that had just happened. Jumping back into bed R had messaged, i totally forgot I'd agreed to see him and had stood him up. I quickly got to sucking up and rescheduled. I soon realised he wanted me, as much as i wanted D. I kept playing along, making my own demands and getting him to cum for me via sexting. I was already on a sexual high, so my confidence was through the roof. Without realising, id set to meet him the night before D. This made me so much more hotter wondering if D will notice? Will he punish me? Being the little snoop that i am, i jumped on facebook while still playing with myself to stalk them both. To my shock and horror, not only were they friends, but they're cousins too. I eventually fell asleep fantasizing about having them both take me at the same time... For now though, i shall keep that little erotic secret to myself.

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