Written by party_shagger

29 Oct 2013

I was 19 years old when I met a sexy older woman. I was her toy boy and she was my cougar. Her name was Linda, 41, slim but curvy, fake C cup breasts which sat nicely on her well kept and tanned body. Her face while aged was gorgeous and she had long brown hair which was more then often up in a ponytail. Linda was a complete nympho, she loved sex and couldn't get enough. She would fuck me regularly, I knew she had other toy boys and I had met one. I was more than fine with this as I also had another girl who i was seeing. I will mention her later.

When I was younger I was a prolific wanker, I would have a wank at least everyday, if not 2-3 times a day sometimes. The most I had cum in one day was like 4 ties until this one day with both my girls at different times though.

I started the day off like any other day off from uni, I slept til 11, had something to eat and watched TV. Around 12 Linda sent me a text, flirting and talking dirt; telling me how horny she was and after 10 or so minutes telling me to pick her up from work for her lunch break. I left almost immediately knowing it was about 20-25 minutes to her work. Lunch time meetings were common with us because of her husband. He was 50, earns quite good money and fucks her well from everything she tells me but her appetite is just so large for sex.

I arrived just before 1 and text her saying I was here. I waited about 5 minutes before she walked out. Today she was in a tight black pencil skirt that sat just above her knees, she had a white blouse with top buttons open showing just a touch of cleavage, the classic ponytail and topped it off with a pair of sexy, cream coloured heels. She opened the door and got in the car. We exchanged chat on the drive, we go to this area near the river that is always quiet on weekdays. About a ten minute drive, we manage about 30 minutes of un-interupted play during lunch. We arrive park in the usual corner of the empty car park and hop in the back. I push the seats forward for extra room.

I sit on the backseat and Linda pulls my cock out of my shorts. She works the head and slowly makes her way down the shaft. I reach down and pull her skirt up to her waist, she climbs up and sits down on my cock, sliding down to my balls. She slowly grinds up and down my shaft as I unbutton her blouse. She removes it and continues riding my cock. Linda hops off and kneels on the backseat for me to enter her from behind. I slide my cock up into her and continually thrust hard into her wet pussy. As i pound her, she rubs her clit and she cums quickly. The tightening of her pussy almost brings me to cumming. I thrust in a few more times and pulling out, telling I'm going to cum, she turns around and I jerk my cock in her mouth and unload a big shot of cum. Linda swallows it and I get her to lay back on the seat. I put my cock back in and start pounding her again. Fast and hard. I check the time only have 5 minutes til I need to leave to get her back on time. I fuck her as fast as I can trying to cum again. I pull out and get her to suck my cock. She slurps on the length of my cock and then jerks it while sucking the head. I feel my cock harden intensely and I cum down her throat. I put my shorts back on and re adjust the seats while she dresses. I drive her back to work and she tells me her husband might be out and to keep tonight free. She goes back to work and I go home.

I'm only home for 10 minutes or so before Katie texts me, my other girl. She said she's home and is bored. She asks if I can pick her up and go back to mine. I go get and bring her back to mine. This girl is a short, petite blonde that went to my school, she was a couple of years younger, had a cute face and a gorgeous smile, her body looked great without her really doing any exercise and her boobs were a nice little b cup. Katie was a submissive girl and took cock well. She was the closest thing I had to a girlfriend for years but I really didn't want to label it.

Anyway one thing lead to another as it does every time she comes over. I was on the couch with a hard on and she was between my legs sucking it. She sucked it slow and deep. Katie stood up and started to strip off her clothes. First her top, then her leggings and down to the little pink g-string. I lifted my shirt over my head and stood up, dropping my pants and stepping out of them. I pull her toward me and kiss her. One hand on either cheek of her tight bum, her hands wandering my body. My hard 7 inch cock pressing up against her stomach. I turn still kissing her and put her on the couch. I put my face infront of her pussy, my tongue reaches out and teases her clit. I move down and enter her soft, wet pussy with my mouth. My face is pressed firmly against her and my mouth devours her sweet, sweet pussy. Katie squirms in pleasure as she reaches climax and she lets out a moan.

I position my cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly work it in. Her tight pussy slowly opens for me and soon my cock is balls deep in her perfect pussy. I slowly fuck her, deep and hard, working her pussy with my thick cock. I pull out and she flips over so I can fuck her doggy style. I re enter and quickly fuck her, I slam her pussy and my balls slap against her clit. I fuck her like a jack hammer for a least a minute and she scream in pleasure, I begin to tire and slow the pace. She working her hips back into my thrusts and within minutes my balls begin to tighten and I explode into her pussy. Straight away I start eating her out from behind, getting a mixture of her juices and my cum. The pill is a great thing, because cumming in her pussy is a great thing.

I work up another erection with the help of Katie's mouth and she climbs on top of my cock. She slides down my shaft and bounces enthusiastically on my dick. I start to thrust up into her pussy and fuck her with all the speed I can. She again screams and moans in pleasure. We switch back to doggy and I fuck her as deep and hard as I can. She takes it like a pro and the walls of her pussy tighten as she cums. I pull out and again eat her pussy. Katie gets on her knees and gives me a blowjob, sucking slow and deep. I feel my cock harden again and take my cock in hand, jerking in front of her. I squeeze my cock and shoot a load on her face. She sucks the remainder of the cum from my cock and we retreat to the shower to clean off. It's just ticked over 4.30 and she says she needs to head off. I get the taste of her pussy again in the shower, giving her one more orgasm before she leaves and I take her home.

Once I'm home, it's just past 5.15 when I arrive home. I cook up some food and relax for a while. 3 or so hours passed by and I was almost asleep when I received a text from Linda telling me to come over. I assumed her husband was not home. I pick myself up, awaken a little before getting in the car and drive over to Linda's.

I walk into the unlocked front door and through to the bedroom, only to find some guy, fit, toned and tanned, fucking Linda's pussy hard with a massive tool. Linda introduces me while still taking a pounding from who I now know as Ash. When he withdraws I see a thick, 9 inch cock, fully erect pointing straight. No curve, no bend. Just a flat slab of meat, glistening in the light, covered in Linda's juices. Linda turns attention to me stripping my clothes in what seemed seconds, my cock semi-erect is a mere mortal compared to Ash's. She takes it in her mouth and brings it to full erection within minutes. Ash has taken to masturbating himself while watching her handle me. Linda stands and pushes me back onto the bed before rapidly riding me. I have no control at this point and enjoy the ride. Ash begins to move and kneels up on the bed behind her. I can feel a finger entering her ass hole. I like where this is going.

I feel a hand on my cock...it's Ash. He removes my cock from Linda's pussy and replaces it with his own. The first time a man has touched my cock, rather exciting. He pumps her pussy full of his man meat before pulling out and replacing his with mine. He then proceeds to push the head of his dick against her ass hole. Slowly pushing it in, from the feel he only pushes 2 or inches in before thrusting in and out. With every thrust he seems to get his cock further into her hole, bit by bit. Fucking Linda like the horny nymph she is. My strokes against his cock and her pussy are building the pressure up fast in my cock. A few thrusts later my cock gives in and bursts hot cum up into her pussy, before I release from her hole and feel my cum dripping out of her onto my cock and balls. I lay under Linda playing with her boobs and kissing her while Ash comes close to blowing as well. A few jerks and groans, and Ash's seed is buried deep in Linda's ass hole.

Without seeing what's happening Ash decides to show his other side and begins licking the cum off my cock and sucking slowly on the tip of my cock. I was in complete lust at this point for Linda and completely distracted by her two large mounds in my face to really care what Ash was doing. It was getting my cock hard again so no complaints!

I was hard and ready to fuck, I got out and positioned behind Linda. I shoved my cock deep in her ass first go as it was stretched by Ash's big member. I could feel the goo that Ash left behind as I pounded away, my cock sloshing the fluids around, making a squelching sound. I kept fucking her arse for a good 15 minutes then blew another load up her hole. I swapped places with Ash who getting blown by Linda. He went straight for her arse again. Sliding his cock in with a little moan from Linda he began to fuck her quite fast for such a big cock in a little hole. His cock really made Linda scream a little as it pounded her tight little ass hole. They switched positions and Linda rode him hard until he came for a second time, and a third load in her arse. I was standing watching them while jerking. I didn't know how more cum I could have in one day.

I lay back getting a blowjob from Linda while Ash tried to keep his dick hard, less then a metre from my face. Somewhat instinctively I reach out and took his cock in my hand. Jerking it and slowly working it closer before eventually taking it in my mouth. I had only half in my mouth before it reached the back of my mouth. I only sucked him for a few minutes, enough to get a taste. All while Linda was bringing me close to yet another orgasm. I was close and got Linda to kneel on the ground. I really wanted to spunk her face and so did Ash. We both came, somewhat dribbling cum onto her face rather then my usual powerful shots.

It was late and I really needed to get home. So I did, I left one of the best nights I've had. I never told Katie about it and actually never said anything about Linda. I didn't have to, we weren't dating...well then we weren't. I didn't have sex with Linda often after that for some reason...more then likely because she had Ash to service her. But I had my girl Katie there and that was really enough.

Since then I have taken some of what Linda had let me try and used it with Katie...unfortunately no bum but that's no big loss.

*taken girl home. Now chill for few hours then Linda calls and says her husbands out. YOu go around and she is already fucking some guy. He has a huge dick, you join in aand fuck the shit out of her. Double penetration. end with facial. cum multiple times in her and on.

*light bi play?