Written by Franelle

7 Jun 2012

As he walked into the room he smiles, and I was his from that moment on. Don't know his name but he was mine and I was his. We flirted, we teased, he serenaded me, I wrote him love letters, we were in love. The first date was awkward but ended up in the pool naked. As we swam around the pool holding each other tight, he's hands wonders off and I let him. Our eyes fixed on each other as he maneuvers his hands all over my body, our lips are now locked in a passionate kiss with full of desire for one another. He lifts me up on the side of the pool, he stays in the water looking up at me slowly parting my legs eyes on me, then, passionately kisses my virgin pussy, for the very first time I felt like a woman.... He gently introduce me to love making. Everything was all about me, for me, and all for my pleasure. He kissed, licked, fingered and sucked my pussy for all eternity and it felt so good. I screamed, moaned, grunts, scratched, wiggled and orgasmed multiple times. I was in heaven and I can't seem to get him away from my pussy after that. That was just the first date but after a few months of teasing and courting each other.....there's more to come... Stay tune