Written by LonelyGirl

26 May 2012

I woke early this morning, feeling a slight chill around me in the bedroom. I want cuddles but he's already out of bed - he has work soon. I roll over to check the time, mmm to early to get up. I wait in bed getting warm again, until he comes to give me a kiss goodbye - and then walks out the door. Damn, I woke feeling horny this morning.

The thought of getting up doesn't appeal to me just yet, do I roll into a good position and hug myself to stay warm. Mmm my hands move over my skin - it feels so soft. My fingertips slide over my ribs - it tickles, but feels so nice. I slide one hand up more, and caress the side of my breast - its so warm and silky. I rest my hand there for a while, under the warmth of my breast, ensuring my fingers are warm.

Slowly I start running my fingers in circles around my areola, watching as it starts to tighten and extend my nipple. When it's hard I slide my thumb and forefinger along it, gently pinching at the end - mmm it sends a tingle down inside. Whilst doing this I still have my other hand on my ribs, imagining your laying infront of me sucking on my nipple whilst holding me. I do this until I feel myself starting to get wet - a wonderful feeling. I roll onto my back, my hands cupping my breasts - I give them a tight squeeze, and slide both my hands down my stomach slowly to my legs. I place one hand between my thighs and squeeze, moaning slightly in anticipation of what's to come. The other hand travels back up to my breast, resting with my nipple inbetween my fingers - ready for me to play.

Will write more later.... :)