Written by julieserverious

22 Nov 2013

im 56 slim trim good looking for my age fit but it wasn't till a few years years ago of hum drum life people who were boring sexually , that after divorce I went through menopause hugely my body spiralling around huge hot sweats then it settled, but before I knew what was happening my body was on a roller coaster ride sexually having huge urges of wanting relief that I just worked out hell hang it let it happen, I would drive to work get these massive urges , id find a park pull over spotting guys wandering id just sit there cross legged trying to stop it but fuck once I let go I walked up nice day im horny as id get my tits sucked, pussy licked even a quick fuck if I could, I thought to myself later slut how could you , but hell I was a new me.

I found myself , I liked that I had control of a situation, I joined clubs , went to swingers nites had so much sex it was unreal im the new me, im bi love girls guys bi guys get turned on watching two gets getting it off love girls the softness the pleasure I can give and receive , im into toys, have three dildos one a double strap on my fave insert into me use on her or him we both get pleasure, so hey even younger guys pick me up so who cares , lifes nice enjoy and I do I travel a lot with my job meet others overseas so im really thinking don't worry about menopause get out in the world get laid control your sex life be the onbe to step up and say hey fancy a long shag lol lifes great hope more women out there step up be independent, love the body ,love there control they have, guys certainly do love that , so lifes short enjoy every day I do and I have met others that do its a great way to live, sex rules jules xxx