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26 Jan 2021

My old neighbours

Best cock suck off ever


3 minute read

I often went over to my older neighbours, to help them mow the lawn trim the hedges, and do any odd jobs, I felt good about helping out. A few months ago I went over and fixed a sliding door that was stuck, after I was finished he asked me if I wanted a drink as it was quite hot, I said yes thanks. We were sitting in his lounge room , just having a chat , I asked where his wife Judy was, he said she has gone to get some fruit from the shop. It was then I noticed a DVD on the table, I saw that it was porn from the pictures on the cover, I said so you watch a bit of porn , he said yes, I love it, and then asked to you want to see it, I couldn’t say yes quick enough, it put in on, and it was a high quality video, cock sucking ass to mouth everything, it made me so hot , my cock was fully erect, and I had a huge desire to hold my cock. He said how do you like it , I said wow, it’s fantastic, it’s making me so hot. He said if you want take your cock out and have a play, I said I would like that, After a few minutes, I noted he had his cock out, and was staring, at my cock, he moved over and sat beside me, and said what a nice cock you have, I would love to suck it, I was nervous, and said are you serious, he said yes, I said ok, but what if your wife Judy come home, he said we will be ok. With that he took my cock deeply into his mouth, I loved the feel of his tongue, and his sucking, I told him how I loved it, I then stood up , so that I could fuck his mouth, I pushed my cock deep into his mouth, it felt like it was going down his throat, I was wanting to cum, I looked up at the door and there was his wife Judy standing there watching her husband suck my cock, I was embarrassed and quickly with drew my cock from his mouth, she said no keep going, fuck his mouth real good , with that she came over, dropped to her knees and started to suck on my balls , my cock was deep in his mouth, I said to Judy , can I see your tits, with that she had them out, because of her age, I were a bit wrinkled, but still good , I said I am in heaven, Judy said no your not , not yet because I am going to suck your cock, I want you to fuck my mouth, Judy said and I will take my teeth out and chew on your cock, she said then you will be in heaven.With that she took my cock and put it in her mouth and chewed on it, it was fantastic, I said this is so good I am going to cum, I could feel the cum rushing up my cock, it went into her mouth and some on her face , her husband licked all of the cum off her face, and then both kissed, swapping all my cum, it was the great to see, . From that day I go over every day they suck me off I fuck her , she loves to be fucked in the ass, this is a dream come true, Thank you

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