Written by wife_watcher

6 Jun 2018

She's 20 I'm 48. We met through our local sporting club it started as flirting and i knew i wanted her long toned body in my hands and on the end of my cock from that first hug and secretive kiss.

It didn't take long we were texting and talking and as i was working nights she invited me to visit her one evening.

I knocked on her door and she answered in sports shorts and a sheer singlet with no bra.. long hair flowing down her back wicked little smile so i went for it when the door closed. Pulled her in close my hand on her firm heart shaped ass our lips locking passionately tongues dancing my spare hand under her singlet gently teasing her nipples until they were hard..i whispered in her ear to take me to her bed and with a smile and that sexy biting of her lip she led me downstairs to her bed.

I knew she wasn't shy she wanted to be taken i was seriously surprised she is a goddess and i intended to take this opportunity to pleasure this young woman and take my fill from her lithe toned body.

I kissed her again, placed my hands under her singlet and lifted it up over her head, small titties with pert nipples found their way into my mouth my hands slid into the waist band of her shorts peeled them over the curve of her ass until they fell down her legs and she stepped out of them..

Naked 20 and hot as fuck she stood before me. Looking unsure, i whispered into her ear" undress me " she dutifully unbuttoned my shirt looking up and into my eyes as she slid it over my shoulders and off my body. My cock was hard she fumbled with my belt so i ran my fingers through her hair kissing her, her soft young lips divine. Unbuckled and unbuttoned my pants slid down my legs, automatically she got to her knees and removed each boot stepping me out of my pants. My pulsing cock only held in check by bamboo boxers she looked up from her knees and slid them off my cock almost leaping out to be level with her lips she kept eye contact her hand grasping the firm length of my shaft i nodded and she just took my cock into her mouth. Her inexperience showed but her eagerness was unbridled i slowed her down, gave her some instruction as to how i wanted her to worship my cock and she responded wonderfully her hand cupping my ball's while taking long deep times on my shaft sucking hard on the withdrawal her tongue twirling around my knob before diving down to repeat the action.

I was in heaven standing before a hot 20 yr old who listened to my suggestions and demands giving my cock a pure quality blow job.

I wanted all of her delights and before i unloaded i held back and told her to mount the bed.. she rose got onto the bed on her hands and knees liking over her shoulder asking "lunge this?"

No i replied on your back legs spread... she flipped herself over laying there long legs wide her whole body on display...i slid between those legs our tummys in contact along both flat firm surfaces... hearing her then say "you'll have to tell me what to do" was the hottest if heard that night..i just smiled told her to close her eyes and enjoy.

I wanted to slide into her ooking her tight young pussy but held back, kissing her breasts her nipples sliding my tongue down her body twirling circles in her belly button before sliding my tongue straight between the moist cleft of her pussy lips... heavenly that pussy, to see smell and taste perfection! I spent time enjoying the reaction her body gave to every tongue flick every suck and gentle pull my mouth gave her lips. The moans that came from her as i tongue fucked her pussy heightened my own desire until i could hold back no more i rose and slid up between those long athletic legs rubbed the pre cum that was oozing from my cut knob up and down her pussy pressing and circling her clit until i slid into her.. all the way in.. to my balls her back arching i could feel her clamp around my cock i held there both of us enjoying that feeling..

We fucked for hours that first night and I'm still training her enjoying her.. she is a flower in bloom..