Written by pullmyballs2

15 Jul 2012

Over the years I have been known to dip my wick into many holes, however two women who stood out were K1 and K2. The reason I call them this is because that is the first letter of their name. I first met K1 about twelve years ago when I was feeling very horny one Friday night and ventured to a swinging club in Fairfield NSW called The Blue Lady. Sadly this place has closed down since. Anyway back to my story.

I looked around the place and they had two large rooms, one for normal? sex and the other equipped for B&D with just about every toy, whip- strap- cane and chains you can think of. I went back to thew main area and checked out the ladies there. They were OK, not models but neither am I and I was horny. I was trying to make up my mind whilst two of them were playing pool in front of me. This made my cock spring to attention as they were not leaving anything to the imagination and I was looking forward to a good night. Then a woman walked in escorted by one of the girls. However this new female looked out of place as she was wearing a short two piece nightie and was carrying a towel. I waited to see what the male partner looked like but she was actually alone. The other girls put her at ease, gave her a drink and led her to the pool table where they proceeded to play a game. I was no more than 4 metres away and kept looking at the new woman and she glanced at me also. She was in her late 30's brunette, petite with a nice pair of boobs with a shapely arse and nice smile. Not skinny but a nice bundle.

Anyway the game of pool ended and she sort of looked around not knowing what to do next. I did what instinct told me to do, I went up to her,introduced myself and asked her if she wanted to play pool with me. This broke the ice, she relaxed and we played and talked. When we finished the game I could see other guys looking at us and wanting to jump in also. I steered her to a couch, got her a drink and went back to talk to her. It turned out her name was K....., married but not getting much of anything at home so she told her husband where she was going to get laid. Wow. She was almost forty, was bi and loved oral both giving and receiving. She told me her husband would not go down on her and I said that's crazy as I love going down. She also told me she had two children, she had a partner swap with her sister when she first got married as she had a crush on her brother in law. I could not believe my ears and by now my cock was at full attention. I slipped my arm over her shoulder and placed my fingers just over her nightie. Then I lightly touched and worked my way down to her nipple while she sighed in bliss. She gave me a kiss and grabbed my cock under my towel and told me that she loved to have her nipples squeezed very hard and bitten also. I did as I was commanded and rubbed her nipple very hard between my thumb and forefinger. She was stroking my cock and the other guys were giving me killer looks. So I told her we had better go to one of the rooms, this she agreed to immediately so off we went to the large room and found it empty.

Great. I undressed her and she pulled my towel off. She had a very good body which I complemented her on and she commented on my very rigid erect cock. I remembered what she had told me earlier that she craved a tonguing so I laid her down on the bed and proceeded to give her a tongue lashing. I kneeled on the floor next to the bed, pulled her down towards me and drank her juices. This went on for a very long time, I came up for air every few minutes and back down again. I was also fingering her as I was licking her and she helped also by playing with her clit. I was in seventh heaven and then I felt her tremble, first gently and then in convulsions. She had a huge orgasm, her juices poured out and I lapped it all up hungrily. She then relaxed, pulled me up to her and kissed me passionately pushing her tongue deep into my mouth to savour her juices. She looked at my cock which was very erect and remarked that I had not come yet but I told her my time would come and that I wanted to please her totally. But she wanted to suck cock so down she went on me. Then the door opened and a guy with a big hard on approached the bed and asked if he could join. I said that it was up her her and she said no. So he left when she told him that she did not want him to watch either. She just wanted me.

I would not let her bring me to orgasm as I wanted to play with her and please her, so I went down on her again and brought her to multiple orgasms. After about an hour and half we stopped to get a drink and something to eat, we left the room hand in hand and left a bed that was soaking wet.

All eyes were on us but we ignored everyone. One guy came up to speak to her but she told him that she was with me only and that made me feel good. So shortly after she said that she wanted to pay me back and we went back to the B&D room. I was tempted to check if she was into B&D but I decided not to tempt my fate. So we went back to the same room we were in before.

That's all for now. I will continue at a later date.