Written by pullmyballs2

4 Sep 2012

Following from part 1. We were still as horny as hell, she now wanted me more than ever. I had found out what turned her on and it was being sucked, so I went down on her, sucked and licked her pussy for at least half an hour. At the same time I was fingering her clit and spreading her arse cheeks also. There was no objections at all. One of my hands wandered up to her breast and I started playing with her nipple, gently squeezing and rubbing. She wanted more and told me to really squeeze hard. This I did very enthusiastically. So I moved up. licking her body and latched my mouth on her other nipple.. This I sucked and bit, she was in heaven. I grabbed one breast and squeezed the whole breast as hard as I could and she loved it. She told me later that she loved having her breasts pushed to the limit so I made sure that I remembered this in future.

She kept saying to me that I had not come yet and I told her that there was plenty of time and I wanted to pleasure her fully before I got my rocks off. So she sucked me, licked my balls and made me very hot. She was a great kisser both on the mouth and on my cock. She took it in right down to the hilt and it felt great. I went down on her again and she twirled around for a 69er. I locked my legs around her head and squeezed, she did the same, finally we had to come up for air. My mouth was full of her juices, I had not come yet and she was amazed. To tell the truth I was trying to switch off and think about anything else so I would not come. Somehow it worked.

Time was moving on and I said to her that it was time for a proper fuck, she had no objections as her cunt was dripping by now. I put on a condom and gradually filled up her swollen hole. At the same time I was munching first on one nipple and then the other. This really got her off so after a few minutes of gentle fucking I started to really rock her. We both came within a few seconds of each other, she had a satisfied grin on her face and so did I. So we got dressed and went out of the room to the lounge area where we got comments from the girls present that we must have had a great time to have stayed together. Before we left I gave her my card and we agreed to keep in touch. I walked her to her car and she gave me a deep tonguing as a thank you.

What an evening, but there is more to the story as we contacted each other later.. That will be told at a later date.