Written by pullmyballs2

25 Mar 2013

I apologise for not contributing for a while but my true story follows:

I had previously met K1 and we had a great time together, I gave her my details and she promised to get in touch. After a few weeks I had not heard but I could not get her out of my mind, each time I thought of her my cock would throb and I was getting very K1 hungry! So I decided to look her up, I knew her name and her husbands name too so a quick visit to the Births and Marriages Office quickly confirmed where she lived. I found her in the phone book and gave her a call. The first time she was not home but I recognised her voice on the answering machine. The next time I tried and she answered, I told her who I was and she said she was free to talk as she had a day off and she was alone. We talked and she told me how much she had enjoyed my company and that her pussy was tingling for days afterwards. I asked her why she never phoned me and she told me that she had lost my phone number. I asked her if she wanted to meet and she promptly said yes so we decided to meet the following Wednesday at 6.30pm at a Motel. I got there on time and she appeared soon after. We kissed deeply and walked into the room.

As soon as we were in the room we embraced again and my cock started stirring against her, she felt it and told me that she was badly in need of sex. I had brought a bottle of white wine with me, a couple of glasses and some ice. I also had a big dildo with me just in case as I believe in being prepared. Besides I had plans for this woman.

She bent over to take her shoes off and then she started peeling her clothes off. I moved up behind her and pushed my erect cock against her, she pushed back and said that it felt great. We were both undressed very quickly and then she said that this was the first time she had been to a motel without her husband. I told her that it was OK and that we were both there to enjoy ourselves. I passed her a glass of wine and she gulped it down so I filled up her glass again. The she told me that she did not like condoms and neither do I. We were both starved for sex so I decided that it was OK as we had only been with our partners. Then as I was squeezing her arse cheeks I asked her if she liked anal and she said Yes. Fantastic, it was going to be a great night.

We finished our drinks and I picked up an ice cube and startedtracing it over her body starting from the lips and moving down. My tongue followed by licking the melted water. Icircled her nipples with the ice, sucked her nipples hard and bit them hard also as she loved that. I got another ice cube and started circling her clit , she moaned and arched against me. My tongue followed, clit first and then deep into her cunt. Very soon she started trembling and this was the beginning of her orgasm. I lapped up her juices which were flowing freely, then got another cube and put it in her cunt where it promptly meltd and I licked it all up. The lady was hot but I was not finished with the ice, got another cube and circled her arse, then inserted the ice into her arse. Wow she went ballistic, she arched, moaned and clutched at me so I decided to give the coup de grace. I put my hands under her butt cheeks, lifted her up a bit and slipped a pillow under her, then I licked around her arse before finally pushing tongue into her little hole. She went crazy and orgasmed immediately. After a while I pulled out for air and she said that it was the most fantastic experience she had ever experienced. She like it so much that she grabbed another ice cube, went down on me sucking my cock and then pushed the cube up my arse where she proceeded to do to me what I had just done to her. What a woman.

We came up for air, talked for a bit and then she went down on me and I did likewise in a great sixtyniner. Our fingers were playing with each others arse hole and then we pushed the fingers in, what a great feeling. Then we fucked, I blew a great load into her and she loved it. The I showed her the dildo I had brought, she sucked on it and then I put it in her cunt till it was all the way. then I moved her on all fours with the dildo still inside her and proceeded to fuck her arse. I put some KY in her arse and all over my cock, then gently entered her. She was very full with a cock in her arse and a dildo deep in her cunt, she had her hand on her cunt keeping the dildo in while I pounded her arse. We both came and she loved it. We stayed together for a few hours, licking, sucking and more fucking. However the time came that we had to part, swhe thanked me for the evening and told me that there will be future meetings for sure.

We parted company and I went home with a big smile on my face and a very empty ball sack

More of this story later.