Written by cc13

8 May 2013

Hubby is making me tell this story about a trip to the doctor he got me to take. It all started because I had a few pimples on my bum. Basically I could have just gone to the chemist and get some cream for them if I was worried or just wait for them to clear up. But no hubby told me to go to the doctor about them. He thought it would be fun to make me show my bare bottom to the doctor he goes to who is a man who I am guessing is in his late 50's early 60's. Basically I had to go there and tell the dr I had some spots or a rash on my bottom and hope that the he would need to see them before he could give me any sort of treatment advice. I was told to wear lOng pants and my biggest knickers no g strings allowed. Well things went pretty much as hubby had hoped they would I told the dr I was abit embarrassed but I had some spots on my bottom. He said he would need to see them so he asked me to take my pants off just leaving my knickers on and lay on the bed. So I dropped my jeans and hopped up onto the bed in what hubby calls my nanna knickers. The dr came over and started to look at my bum at first he was just pulling the sides of my undies up a little bit he said he could see some spots and asked if they were all over my bottom and did I have any around my anus or vagina. I said I don't think so mainly just my bum he asked if i could pull my undies down abit to check. I agreed and as hubby had instructed me to if given the chance I pulled my undies down to about my knees and let him examine my bare ass. I even felt him push my bum cheeks open abit I guess he was checking my bumhole. Anyway he had a quick look and just said yep they are just pimples and recommended some cream I could try and told me I could get dressed. So I turned over and slid off the bed making sure I was facing him then after making sure he had got a free look at my shaved fanny I calmly pulled my knickers up and put my jeans back on. Went home and told hubby exactly what had happened he was very pleased and horny he loved how he had a peek at my asshole. Hubby was so proud he told me to come and tell everyone here.