22 May 2019

Three months ago my life was pretty dull to say the least, I had been divorced for seven years after sixteen years of marriage and did not realise just how dull my life actually was.

I was going on a long deserved holiday to stay with friends on the Gold Coast and I was determined to get laid no matter what.

I had five days left and I have had no luck(mind you I am kinda shy, and not use to approaching women). So I went to a local bar in Coolangatta where I had seen this BBW a few times before, we had exchanged smiles and I was determined to ask her to have a drink with me by the end of night.

Four pints of Dutch courage later and I had made my mind up to approach her, drank the last of my beer, put the glass on the table and....

Then out of nowhere, this guy asks me if he can have a seat at my table, "Sure" I said "I'm just about to leave."

"That's a shame" he replied, and put his hand on my leg. I didn't know what to do or say other than to sit back in my chair.

He bought me another drink and I talked nervously as I'd never been hit on by a guy before.

My head was going crazy, my heart was pounding and the ache in my groined almost overwhelming. Again he put his hand on my leg and slid it right up to what was now an uncontrollable throbbing cock, and said "would you like to come back to my place for... Before he could finish I was out of my seat and we where on are way to his place, he asked if I had a big cock and I said "yes, actually I have" he just smiled as we got to his front door.

He got me another drink(which I didn't want) and noticed that his cock was hanging out of his pants and I wanted it. I had never experienced anything like this before and I wanted to suck this guys cock, Instead I stood up , unbuttoned my pants, and nervously revealed my eight and a half inch cock which was hard as and aching for action, he fell on his knees and went to work on my cock like has never been done before and I went to work on his like I'd never done before.

We sucked and fucked each other for two days and I must say that was the best sex I've ever had.

Well, back home now, can't stop thinking about sucking cock, that's why I'm here.