Written by my wife

11 Sep 2011

after being married for over 30 years you would think our sex life would drop off, in fact its better that its ever been. several year ago my wife got into using toys on herself and would often use it before i was home or when i was away. she would dream about guys she new or work with and would tell me. for a long time i have wanted to see my wife with another guy, we had spoke about it many times durning sex.

back in March this year (2011) i arranged a weekend away to a swingers party, at first she was unsure but said she would go along and see how it was. when we arrived we looked at the other couples and thought well we are here lets go. after a few drinks and dinner we went back to this house, others had already gone before. when we arrived there was a woman being massaged by 3 guys. wow this did it for my wife she couldn't wait to take her turn. as she watched i felt her bum and she was wet. when her time came to have a massage she was ready. the three guys started to work on her hands all over her body, she was wanting to explode and could wait, she guided one had to her wet pussy and held onto a guys with the other. within minutes they knew what she wanted she had one guy in her mouth and one deep inside her.

my cock was harder that i had ever seen it before wanted to join in but the other guys just wanted her. as one cum over her boobs and another over her face the third cum deep inside here. i knew she wanted more so as they guy pulled out i was in she didn't know it was me, she had always said she would be able to tell but i was meat within her. i didn't last long but when i cum a cum loads. as i pulled out another took my place and he was good he just kept thrusting and she loved it.

i think this was the first time she had ever been fullfilled. we never found is name out but we have talked about him often