Written by Fundation

11 Jun 2016

It has been sometime that I wanted to share this story .

My wife and I have been married for over 29 years at the time and I had this fantasy to see her being taken by a guy with a big cock . ( I am only 51/2 inches )

I found this guy that had a 9 in thick cock and without her knowledge I chatted with him often ...once while fucking her I told her that she should have a big cock as she had mention many times over that she always wondered about it .

It was after a few chat she agreed as long as she could see the guy face before .

He was just 35 and my wife was 48 .She is slim and only 54 Kg and very sexy .

We meet first for a drink at the Sheraton not far from home . after a couple of drinks, I asked if she would like to invite the guy for a bit of fun ...she looked at the guy and asked him if he liked what he saw, The guy very fast replied with affirm yes .

To my surprise she got up and went to the reception and organised a room for the night !

We all went into the room and I poured another drink for all of us .

They booth looked a bit shy and nothing was happening so I lead and told the guy " go for ir she is yours for the night "

I did not have to ask again .

He soon took his clothes of and stood in front of her with this huge erected cock, she straight away asked Can I suck it ?

and in no time she was sucking and licking his big cock .

I took her clothing off and started to suck her pussy while she was busy enjoying his cock .

The guy was laying back on the bed then she just moved up and mounted him . this was my time !!!

I just held her arse rubber her very wet pussy and closely looked as she sat on his big cock but I guided her cunt into his cock ...wow what a sight I just sat and what him get her a few time in many ways by the end her cunt was dripping with his cum .

I cant get enough of it since we have invited 25 guys all 8 inches plus and one of them fucks her any time I contact him ...we have been t it for 13 years now