Written by jabiru

6 Oct 2011

My wife, Brenda grew up on a farm in England. Her Mum had great faith in the power of sunshine, and encouraged all her kids to run around in the nude whenever the weather permitted. I met Brenda soon after she moved to Australia, and discovered that although she was a nudist, she wouldn’t go to clubs or beaches, preferring her nude activities to be private. She missed the freedom of the comparative isolation of the farm, and yearned for a similar private venue. When we married, we were lucky enough to buy a hillside house, on the high side of the street and backing onto scrubby farmland, where only a few cows occasionally wondered past. Brenda was able to do all her gardening in the nude, and when not gardening, she liked to lay on a lounger in the garden and read. When doing this, she often faced herself to the sun, and opened her legs as wide as possible to ensure the sun tanned the inside of her legs to the same even tan she had all over. I loved getting myself into a position where I could look into her open lips. Brenda had brown eyes, and an olive skin which tanned to a rich golden brown. She kept her pubes trimmed short, using a mirror to get to the awkward bits. My offers to assist in this were ignored. She was not petite being a size 14 who kept herself in good shape at the gym and by walking regularly. However she always dressed in a very conservative manner, mid length skirts, long sleeved high necked blouses, and sensible underwear. Her only concession to the Australian climate was to not wear panty hose or stockings, which with mid length skirts and suntanned legs were not necessary anyway. Any suggestion from me that she dress a little more provocatively was ignored. She knew I had MMF experience, but said she was not interested in going that road, even though I often told her that it was a fantasy of mine to see some handsome stud pleasure her while I watched. I eventually decided that my fantasy would remain just that, and concentrated on enjoying our satisfying, but unadventurous sex life. One summer Canberra afternoon after work we were having a few drinks in the garden discussing our plans for the coming weekend. I am a vintage car fan, and planned to attend a vintage car display in a nearby town on the Saturday. Brenda often accompanied me, but had no real interest in these events. However, she told me that there was a guy named Ron at her work who was recently separated, and, being new to the area, had not made many friends. He was very lonely, and she had found out he liked vintage cars, and she asked if he could spend the weekend with us, and perhaps go to the car show with me where he might meet some prospective friends. I teased her a bit about him, but agreed on the proviso that if he turned out to be a pain, we would make some excuse to take him home early (his wife had their car). Friday came, and when I arrived home they were in the kitchen where Brenda was cooking dinner, a rather unusual event for her on a Friday, we usually went out, or just snacked. Ron was a bit younger than I expected, and a bit on the short side, and seemed a nice bloke. He and I had a few beers, talked a bit about cars and watched TV. Brenda went off to bed fairly early and left us to it. She had already shown Ron the guest’s room, and eventually he and I also turned in. Next morning after a leisurely breakfast, Ron and I set out for the car show. It was a bit disappointing, not a good turn up of exhibits, but we looked at the cars and talked to many of the owners. It turned out Ron had a good knowledge of various makes of vintage cars, and we got on very well. By early afternoon we had seen all we wanted and decided to go home. Ron asked me to stop at the local liquor barn, where he bought some beer, and to my surprise, a bottle of whisky and soda water, Brenda’s favourite drink. I wondered vaguely how he knew that was her drink. When we arrived home, and Ron made his way to the living room while I put the booze in the beer frig in the garage, and got out a couple of coldies for us. When I got to the top of the stairs, I saw Ron standing with an amazed look on his face, then I saw Brenda, who would not have expected us to be home so soon, stark naked, and had obviously just come inside from the garden. My presence quickly broke the situation, and Brenda went toward the bath room. I couldn’t help noticing the bulge in Ron’s jeans, and the flushed look on Brenda’s face, which I put down to embarrassment. Ron was very apologetic and nervous, and I did my best to reassure him that it was OK, and although Brenda wasn’t into social nudism, accepted that she would be sprung occasionally. We started on our beers, and eventually Brenda joined us, having showered and dressed in her usual way. I noticed she had spent some time on her makeup, and that about three buttons were undone at the top of her blouse, and I could see the swell of her firm breasts, but no sign of a full cup bra she would normally wear. Ron offered to get her a drink, and went to the beer frig where I had put the whisky and soda. I was quite impressed with her sexier than usual look and gave her a smile and thumbs up while he was out. The afternoon wore on, and we all had a few drinks, and eventually the talk got around to Brenda’s nudism. Ron seemed genuinely interested in the lifestyle, and quite a discussion followed. After the whisky had broken down Brenda’s natural reserve, she said that it was quite unfair that Ron had seen her nude, but she hadn’t seen him. Ron tried to laugh it off, but eventually Brenda said she would make it easier for him by stripping to her undies, but he had to strip right off. He agreed to this proposition, after getting a nod from me, so Brenda slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. To say I was amazed at what I saw was an understatement. Brenda must have recently acquired a completely see through half cup bra which clearly showed her lovely nipples. She then unbuttoned and stepped out of her skirt, and I discovered she had on a matching sheer extremely narrow G string. Ron’s bump in his jeans was almost bursting the zip, and I think he was as amazed as me at what we could see. Her pubic triangle went well outside the limits of the G, and she commented that she needed to shave herself. Ron then filled his part of the bargain, and stepped out of his clothes. He was well built, with an average length fairly thick circumcised cock. Brenda then said to me to get my gear off too, she wanted to compare us. I couldn’t believe what was happening, and quickly complied. I was about the same length as Ron, but not as thick. We stood looking at each other for what seemed a long time, neither Ron or I knowing what we should do. Brenda eventually broke the deadlock by telling Ron she would massage him, if he would shave her excess pubes. Ron looked at me, and I was only too happy to give the OK. Ron had an electric razor, so I produced my gel shaving cream and a throw away razor, also a pair of sharp scissors, as I knew that Brenda always had trouble trimming the hairs underneath her pussy. Naturally, Ron had to remove the G before starting work, and he and Brenda spent some time discussing just how narrow the resulting landing strip should be. Finally, he set to work, and went about his task in a most diligent manner. Neither of them had time to stop work to have another drink, but I as overseer had to have a couple more beers. Eventually the job was finished, including a vigorous rubbing in of massage oil by Ron to the shaved area to avoid any razor rash. Then it was his turn. Brenda left her G off, and removed her bra, as she said she didn’t want to get oil on it. She laid a sheet down on the floor, and motioned Ron to lay on it face down. She worked oil into him for a long time, especially around his bum. Eventually she got him to turn over, and of course his cock leapt up from its previously constrained position. Brenda seemed to lose concentration, and half heartedly started rubbing oil on his legs. She didn’t seem to be able to take her eyes off his cock, and soon she gave up the pretence and started on his cock. It obviously got too much for her, and she suddenly put it into her mouth. Up to this point his eyes had been closed savouring the sensation, but when he felt her lips he sat bolt upright and looked imploringly at me. Once again I signalled all was OK, so he settled down, and very soon he was coming a geyser. Brenda doesn’t swallow, she lets me come into a towel or tissues. Ron pumped a seemingly endless stream, which went all over his belly, with some getting onto Brenda’s lovely tits. Of course, I was by now bursting like never before, but was hoping Brenda would get him up again and let him ride her. However, she only kissed him passionately, told him it had been a long day, and it was bedtime for us all. I was a bit surprised when she then took my hand and we left Ron and went into our room, where we had the most fantastic sex. I didn’t think I would ever stop cuming, but Brenda still seemed preoccupied. After we finished, Brenda said she would like to fuck Ron alone, if it was OK by me, as she felt he (??) badly needed it and if they attuned themselves sexually, she would consider the MMF I had so long wanted. Naturally I agreed, and she went into the guest room where he was no doubt hoping that would happen. I got no sleep, I was so aroused listening to her coming over and over. It took all my self control not to go in and watch. Eventually Brenda came back to me, and said she had promised Ron a morning glory, as long as I was OK with it. As things seemed to be going well, I agreed, but only after she agreed to let me fuck her again. She was so wet with Ron’s cum I entered her easily and this time she had an earth shattering orgasm. I went to sleep then, and woke again about daylight to the sounds of another session in the next room. She didn’t come back to me, so I got up and made a cup of tea for us and took it into the guest’s room where she was laying in Ron’ arms. We sat and talked for awhile, before all having a much needed shower. We were all too tired to do anything more that day, and just lazed around the house, no doubt each of us with their own thoughts. Brenda kept her word and we graduated to regular threesome weekends with Ron for over a year. Surprisingly, he and his wife made up, and she returned but Ron felt that he should keep his adventures from her. We continued to see them occasionally on a social basis , but eventually they moved away and we lost touch. It turned out that Brenda had considerable sexual experience in England, but it had resulted in a very bad experience for her, which was why she came to Australia not intending to get into that side of things again, but Ron had clicked something in her libido. We had some good years together, but things change and we eventually separated and lost touch. I think she is still in Canberra, probably with some lucky guy.