Written by Ralph_1

16 Oct 2013

This storey is a few years old now, I had always told Judy that if she ever fancied fucking another man or was attracted to another fella to just let me know, not do anything behind by back. I said if she told me what her plans were chances are I would give her my consent, as long as she told me all about what had gone on.

So one evening we climbed into bed for a bit of fun before going to sleep, I was just starting to play around with her tits & pussy, making sure she was going to be ready & wet for my cock up her. She stopped me there for a while and said she had something to talk about with me. Judy worked in our local supermarket in our little town, and knew most of the people in town, more then I did.

Anyway she said you know what you said a few years back about if I felt attracted to someone and wanted to fuck them, you said to let you know, I said yes.

She then said there was a fella that comes into the shop that flirts with her, and she was starting to have a few fantasies about shagging him, would it be ok for me to go over his place one night. I went cold, and started shaking, wasn't really expecting her to want to fuck someone without me there, I was shocked, but in the same way getting hard at the thought of it.

I asked who it was and when she told me I was a bit more shocked, as I knew him well, and thought him a bit of a wanker, he was always at the pub and drunk most nights. The funny thing was that the weekend before Judy went out with a couple of her friends from the town and ended up at his place drinking, she didn't get home till 8 am the next day. When I had questioned her the next morning, she said they all went around there to drink after the pub shut, and she had fallen asleep there, and didn't wake till morning, then came home. Even to this date I have always had my doubts a out that night. Because 4 days later she is asking me if it was alright to go over and fuck him.

Well true to my word I said yes, but only if you tell me all about it when you return, I asked when she had planned to go over, and she said Friday night, it was Wednesday night now, so she had wasted no time.

We talked about it awhile longer and I climbed aboard for a nice slow fuck, I had only just put it in when the thought of it had me coming straight away.

The next few days had me horny as well as a bit worried, I asked her had she mentioned anything to the other bloke, and se said yes, and he was shocked that I was aware of the plan and gave my consent. As the night drew close I was looking forward to fucking her after she returned home after her fucking night out.

Friday came around, and all I could do was think about her being fucked & used without me there, she dressed up stockings suspenders mid length skirt & black blouse. She looked very hot, and I was shaking like a Leaf as she departed about 7pm for her night out, I asked if she was going to the pub first, but being a small town she said they were just going to spend the height in doors. I asked her not to be too late home as I wanted to give her a good seeing to after as well.

Hours had past, and I just couldn't get much at all done at home just thinking about her being fucked alone, without me there. Midnight past, still no Judy, then I fell asleep for awhile, woke up at 3am, and still no Judy. I was starting to get a little peed off by this time, I was thinking that I wanted a shot too, don't hog her.

So I got in the car and went for a drive past his house, it was only a few streets over, lights were still on, but all seemed quite, so I went back home, and rang her phone, after the second ring she picked up, saying they had fallen asleep. Hurry home I said got another load for you, ha ha.

An hour later she came in through the front door, climbed into bed, and started telling me about it. She said he was a bit drunk again, not unexpected for him. She said they started kissing & cuddling a bit then she moved down and started undoing his belt and pants while he sat on the lounge chair, she said once she got his pants off she was surprised at the size of his cock semi hard. He was a small skinny fella, but Judy said his cock was enormous. She said it was the biggest cock she had ever seen, I asked her how it compared to some of the blokes I had seen her fuck before, and she said you could get 3 hands around it and it would still poke out the top. She sucked him hard but said it was so big it was hard to work with, after a bit of sucking he wanted to fuck her, she said it took a bit of work to get it all in, but they fucked for a while, and it didn't take him too long to cum up her, they rested for awhile and Judy said she wanted a bit more, but with all the drink he couldn't get it up as hard again, so she sucked it more but still couldn't get it back again, then she said they fell asleep on the bed.

Then the phone woke them up, after the rest he was able to get it hard again, so they fucked for about 20 minutes until he filled her up a second time that evening, then dressed and returned home.

Once I got her knickers off I put my cock in and the feel of all that wetness felt like I was fucking a bucket, I cum in no time at all.

After that night, I think she sneaked around there a few more times, before I put my foot down, but he left town not long after, and found himself a new wife,