Written by Milke_Samm

12 Oct 2012

This happened to my wife and I a few months ago, we have a very adventurous sex life and try a lot of different things, but on this occassion I wanted to suprise my wife and arranger a massage for her, while looking around for someone i came across a ad for "erotic massages for women" I called the guy up and he explained to me what it was, I thought this would be great for my wife, I told her that evening that I was going to arrrange an erotic massage for her, and she seemed pretty excited about it, so the next moring I called the guy up and made an appointment, for that afternoon.

That afternoon we left a little early, as it was a hot day we stopped by a pub and had a couple of drinks, my wife had a few classes of wine to get her in the mood, she wasnt wearing anything under her summer dress, and looked very sexy.

We arrived at the place and knocked on the door, and this guy answered, he was athletic, and not bad looking, he asked us to come in, and we chatted a liitle in his living room, he told us he had a set up at the back, so he went with my wife while I sat in the living room, I could hear that he had started the massage, after a while I was getting curious as to what they were doing, so i got up and pretended I needed to go to the bathroom, I walked pass the room and could see my wife laying naked on the massage table, face down and the guy was massaging the top of her legs close to her pussy, he as also totally naked, I walked passed pretended to do my business and went back to the living room, after I while i could hear my wife making groaning noises, and the noise of the massage table moving around, this got me really excited.

Than after a while I could hear that they were finished, I got up and walked into the room, my wife was still laying naked on the bed, and the guy wiping the oil off her with a towel. as I walked in i noticed some cum on the floor, I walked over to my wife still laying down, and put my hand in her pussy feeling how wet she was, and asked how was it, while the guy was still wiping her down, she said it was great.

After we left and were driving home, I asked he how was it and what did he do, she told me that he was so good, and massaging her and make her orgasm, he would use his fingers and tongue to make her reach her orgasm and than stop, and then do it again, a few times until she was about to explode, she said she had cum a few times during the massage.

I asked her did she do anything, as I noticed cum on the floor, she said that while he was massaging her, he cock was erect, and it kept brushing up against her body, which made he even for horny, so she started palying with his hard cock, while he was massaging her, I asked her is she did anything more with him, she said no, because she wasnt sure if she could, but she said she was so horny that she would have done anything, she said all she did was play with his cock until he came,

When we got home we had the best fuck we have had, and she cant wait to go back for another massage.