Written by Mark

8 Jul 2017

I was out at the local RSL with my mate, it was a once in a while Friday boys night out. Were are both in our 40's but still think we are 20 and gods gift to women lol

We were knocking back the beers and trying to chat to any woman that would listen, my mate got chatting a nice girl and I felt a bit out of it, so looking around I see an older woman standing at a table on her own. I walked over and said hello, she was early 60's curvy figure and reasonably attractive. She was with a group of women of all ages celebrating a birthday, she was taking 5 from dancing. We chatted away and it turns out she was single but had been married 4 times in the past. I gave the typical chat up lines like you won't be single for long, your too attractive, if I was younger I'd BR knocking at your door, the usual stuff.

She told me she was a pool cleaner, for a local small company, I said you could clean my pool anytime, especially in a bikini, I bet you look good in a bikini. She was loving the attention but her friend came and took her away for a dance. I stood and watched, making eye contact from time to time. I went over to my mate who was well in with this girl, I left them to it and went to the bar. I ordered a beer and Kerry came and stood beside, I asked if she wanted a drink and she accepted a red wine. We chatted some more and then my mate came up and said he was leaving with his girl, no worries talk tomorrow I said. I looked at Kerry and said I'm going soon and did she want to share a taxi, she agreed, so we finished our drinks, she said her good buys to her friends and we went outside and jumped in a cab.

She said let's go back her place for a drink and I eagerly agreed. We arrived at her place, I followed her in and she went to the toilet. I looked around, she had a nice house, on a waterway and I nice pool. She came back, grabbed a her for me out of the fridge and poured herself some wine. We sat chatting for a while before I went to the toilet, I wasn't sure if anything was going to happen but when I came back in the room, she stood up and walked over to me, arms around my neck and we started kissing. My hands wondered over her body and arse, her body wasn't firm, it was soft with a few extra pounds.

We broke away and she grabbed my hand and led me out the room, up the stairs and into her bedroom. The lights were off and we embraced again and kissed. She unzipped her dress and I unbuttoned my shirt, undid my belt and took off my jeans. We kissed and our bodies touched with just our underwear, my cock was rock hard bulging the top of my boxers, she undid her bra and out fell two big juicy tits, a little saggy but beautiful all the same.

She pushed me on the bed and pulled my boxers down, she commented on my nice size and went to work devouring my cock. She new what she was doing, licking the shaft up and down, taking my cock in her mouth, deep throttling, and wanking at the same time. She was moaning whilst doing it, which only made me more turned on. Her tongue flicking the tip of my cock, I pushed her head back and said stop I'm going to cum, she said I want to taste your cum and carried on. I couldn't hold any longer and shot my load in her mouth as she squealed with delight, taking every lady drop and swallowing the lot. Fuck that was goo, she worked up my body and kissed me passionately, I could taste my cum but who cared.

I pushed her over onto her back, I kissed her again before moving down her neck and onto those juicy tits. Her nipples were hard, I flicked my tongue over her nipples, sucked and nibbled, while she moaned and withered beneath me.

I worked down her tummy and got to her panties, they were full bodied satin style, which I pulled down and slipped off her. Her legs fell apart and she had a dark hairy pussy, her public hair was wet with her juices, I slid a finger in and then two and then three, she was so wet! I worked my fingers in and out whilst kissing then licking her clit, within in seconds she came, her juices erupting like a fountain, my face covered in her cum. I wiped my face with the bed sheet then moved over her and slid my now hard cock into her, she was so wet, my cock slid in with ease, no resistance at all. Her pussy felt hot and soft, as I slid my cock all the way out and all the way in, slow rythem, it felt good but I could feel it wouldn't take long before I came again, so I slid out, my cock covered in her juices and moved up straddling her face. Her mouth opened and she embraced my cock, licking off all the juices. I moved down her body and slid my cock into her pussy, I pumped hard and fast, she was moaning beneath me as I slid in and out, my orgasm nearing she let out a scream and shuddered as she came squirting juices all over my cock, I carried on pumping hard into her and shot my load in her, stream after stream of creamy cum, filling her hole. I pulled my cock out and she put her hand over her pussy catching my cum, scupping it up to her mouth and swallowing, she loved the taste of cum, I kissed her and again could taste my cum, flicking tongues, whilst kissing frantically. I slid off to one side, and we laid tree gathering our breath. What a fuck that was, I got dressed, called a taxi and headed home. A great night and one I hope will be repeated, I will book her to cum clean my pool.....