Written by Michelle

21 Apr 2012

Hello my name is Michelle and I am 36 years old. I have been married since I was 25 and I have no children. My husband is away alot with work, and up until now I have never cheated on him.

Recently we had a new neighbour move in next door. He is young in his mid 20's and fit. Well my husband had been away for about 3 weeks and I was getting horny. Our new neighbour was out mowing his lawn and was looking rather hot. I approached him and introduced myself and asked him if he could mow our lawn as well and I would pay him. Paul agrred and I went inside and continued to watch TV.

Thinking of Paul and his hot body, I began to rub my pussy. When I heard a knock at the door I quickly composed myself and answered it. Paul was standing there and told me that he had finished mowing. I invited him in and poured him a cold drink of water. I don't know what came over me at this stage but as I handed him his drink I grabbed a hold of him and planted my lips on his and kissed him passionately.

I led Paul to the bedroom and began to undress him. I then laid him down on the bed and began to suck his cock. When he was hard I reached into the bedside table and got a condom out and rolled it on his cock and mounted him. We had only been going at it for about a minute when we heard a knock at the front door and my friend Tammy calling out.

I got off Paul and told him to leave through the back door and we would continue later. I let Tammy in and we had a coffee and talked for a few hours before she left. I went back to bed to finish myself off, as I was horny as hell.

The next day I went up to the shops and when I returned Paul was in his garden. I put the car away in the garage and just as I was closing the door Paul appeared and said we need to continue from yesterday. Paul was quickly all over me and I laid on the bonnet of my car and pulled my dress up. Paul pulled off my g-string and pulled his pants down and inserted his erect cock in me. At this stage I was a little worried as my husband and I use condoms to prevent pregnancy. Paul continued to pump into me and I came quick. I was lost in my orgasm and I before I could come to my senses Paul burried himself deep inside me he unloaded a huge load of cum inside my unprotected pussy.

Paul gave me a kiss and pulled out and left. I quickly ran to the shower to try to get Paul's cum out of me. That was a little over 5 weeks ago and I have missed my period. I am nervous about taking a pregnancy test as I think that I know what the outcome will be.