20 Nov 2016

She was nerdy looking all right pale skin glasses and long red hair into games like pokemon and fallout doom and game of thrones..she stayed in her room a lot of the time and i work away ..She was chubby tho as some 19 yr olds are pretty blue eyesbut deep and quiet with little expresion..each time i came home she was more open and engaging but being in my fifties hadnt considered pleasuring her really ..she had always worn jeans or pyjama type leggings around the house but as summer became hotter and more humid her southern disposition made her wear shorts and baggy gapey tanktops ...i had to brush against her so many times this morning that i was just weeping some pre cumm on my thigh and maybe seventy per cent hard in my boxers ...i sat down with my muesli and started to distract myself sunday mail style ..opposite me she calmly looked at me through those librarianish glasses and said Liam her boyfriend "never wanted sex with her never just got hard like that"i honestly nearly choked on an apple piece and wiping my chin laughed what do you mean .....fuck what do i do now and she held my gaze blushing some but really steady eyes ...ive never had an orgasm and ive never had sex would you fuck me please i liked you straight away...i left my breakfast and stood in front of her and said sweetheart im thirty years older than you ...then i just grabbed her hair and kissed her lightly at first and licked her ears and neck playing with her hair her breathing accelerated so fast and soon my cock was pushing against her breasts a clear wet stain on my shorts she grasped me and looked down while i painted her valley with my cock and pushed her bra around her waist her tank around her neck and so i knelt in front of this girl raised her legs and peeled her knickers along her legs ...she was wet when my lips touched her lightly and just yoni whispered her labia but she bucked against me so hard it hurt and in an unpredictable way so i laid my cock against her vulva and just slid along her my piercing clipping her clitoris grabbed her hair in one hand and arched her back and entered her and just rockecd slowly back and forth gently hitting her cervix withdrawing completely she was really wet now her beautiful secretions painted nicely over my manhood i too close for too long to coming i was going wild because she was her arms pushing from the head of the bed onto me and grinding me i burst inside her both hands now grasping her glutes my fingers holding her lips open i slid onto her pale belly one more spurt of energy and looked at her ...