Written by 9ShellieT

1 Apr 2010

This was one of the most fun things Ive had happen. I guess it was kind of almost being taken against my will but I enjoyed it so much I dont really think I was

I went out one night not that long ago all frocked up but no one turned up at my favorite dogging place place. So I went home a little disapointed and so horny.

I got home and changed into a satin slip and a gown and wandered out to sit on the front fence. I usually do this late on a Sunday nite in summer, just for a coffeee and a cig. Its nice to sit outside. Its kinda warm inside ATM.

And then...

A car went by fairly slowly, I could see the driver look at me. Being a little turned on, I ran my hand along my leg and up under my chemise, just enough for him to see the tops of my stockings. He slowed a little more, so I stood up and very slowly lifted my slip just enough to show my undies. I thought that would be it, and turned and walked back into the front garden feeling a little dirty but excited at the man seeing up my slip.

I lit a cigarette and stood there in the front garden for a moment with my back to the street. I took a puff, and then I heard footsteps. As I turned, the man from the car was standing there, his penis in his hands and a rather sexy look in his eyes.

He grabbed my arm and pushed himself up against me, his penis growing harder as it touched the satin slip I had on. OMG it felt so nice. And so hard and thick. I started to tremble, I knew how much I wanted it to be pounding in and out of me. The man pushed me gently to my knees. He was hard now, I could see a little pre cum on the end of it and a little wet spot on my slip where it had been touching. I just went weak and took it in my mouth, slowly licking at the end of it, my lips gently surrounding it. He pushed it deep into my throat, I could taste the dribble leaking from this lovely bit of meat. It was now rock hard and moving back and forth in my mouth. I couldnt have had it any further down my throat if I tried.

He slipped his foot out of his thong. slid it in between my legs, and began to rub it gently against my undies. I couldnt help but start to grind against it, just a little at first, but as the reality of it all hit me, there being taken on my front lawn by a total stranger I almost screamed out in lust.

We continued for another minute or so. By then his foot was back on the ground and I was thrusting myself up and down his leg as I gobbled at his penis. I couldnt take it anymore and just had to give myself to him totally. All I could think of was feeling his penis ram into me again and again. And squirting a huge hot load deep into me.

By now we'd both kinda lost it and hadn't taken track of time or anything else. My eyes had been closed and as he had his back to the driveway and as I slid my panties down and took my mouth off the drivers bits, a figure appeared. Normally you can hear the doors open and close in the block, but we were both way too preoccupied with other stuff to hear. I recognized him, he lives in one of the upstairs flats. But I dont think he recognized me. I guess I dont look the same once Ive frocked up. Kinda fortunate really.

So there I am, with Mr Driverman standing there with a huge fat, me with my undies around my knees and my lipstick smeared all over, and the both of us just wanting to run. But fuck every inch of the way.

So I thought... well we're already busted, why stop now. The guy from upstairs hadnt said anything so he obviously wasnt offended. And he was still watching, kinda shocked looking, but not worried. I slid up again to Mr Driver and grabbed his penis. I turned around and puhed my bottom into his groin, he hadnt softened a bit. His arms wrapped around the front of me, feeling my breasts through my slip, tickling at my nipples. I eased his penis into me, it just felt so incredible as it slid inside me. And teasing Mr Upstairs dude seemed a good prank.

Then the neighbor made his move. He unzipped himself and flopped it out from under his shorts as he walked over. His hand slid under my slip as he started to play with himself.

I couldnt stop him. And I didnt want to. I was so damned hot by now that all I wanted was as much penis as I could get my bits around. And as much between leg groping as possible. Mr Driver had a very nice penis and it was just enough to fill me. Thick as. He was pumping away, aiming at that bit at the front about 2 inches inside of me. Absolutely accurate. I was foaming at the mouth with lust. When I get like that I just have to have as much as I can. I was kind of rapt to be presented with a second toy.

So I grabbed the Mr upstairs dudes cock and started to run my middle finger up and down the little bit just under his head. There was a heap of presquirt there, it made it really slippery and he started to move his hips in time with my finger. Curiously enough, it was shaved. I could feel how smooth his scrotum felt. I just love shaved penises. So much nicer to suck. And Mr Driver was absolutely hammering me by now, the slap if his pelvis hitting against the cheeks of my bottom was getting pretty intense.

I was being kind of careful that Mr Upstairs dude didnt see too much of my face in case he worked out who I was. So I did what any gal would do in the situation. Mr Driver was pumping away, by now he was thrusting so hard I was finding it hard to stand up. So I stopped him for a moment as I got down on all fours.

Mr Driver got down and started fucking me again even harder now that I was able to push back and ride him, and I started to work on Mr Upstairs dude. I took him in my mouth and started to suck greedily. I wasnt being too delicate by now, I felt like I wanted to suck his balls out. And he seemed to like it, going by the amount of precum that was dribbling out of it.

I tried to slip Mr Upstairs shorts down, they were getting in the way and I could feel Mr Driver starting to get to the point. He was sounding that way too, his breath was becoming faster and deeper. And I was gone for all money. Ive never been the pig on a spit before, and no matter how many times Id fantasised about it, I never dreamed it coming like this. So I just grabbed at them. I wanted to make sure that when he exploded, there was nothing in the way to stop me getting every last drop of his orgasm as it shot down my throat, and that he came as hard as he could.

But he grabbed then and held them up. No matter how hard I tried ( I was kinda pre occupied with the monster that Mr Driver was absolutely reaming me with) Mr Upstairs dude wouldnt let me pull them down.

So I opted for another angle. I ran my hand up Mr Upstairs dudes thighs and up under his shorts.

And then it twigged. I could feel the nylon and lace of a pair of gals panties. They felt like French Knickers, no elastic around the legs ( the concept being that you dont see the pantyline if youre wearing a tight dress), but I couldnt see for sure. It was dark, and they were under his clothes But having had more than a few pairs of them over the years, I was pretty sure.

Till I ran my hand up his back. There was no expected pant elastic at his hip, the nylon seemed to go on forever. So I kept him in my mouth ( a good way to keep someones attention) and slid my hand up under his T shirt. I could feel the underwire of a bra and the lace top of a teddiesuit.

That was about it for me. I dont know if Mr Driver had noticed what Id felt on Mr Upstairs dude, but he certainly felt my reaction. And Mr Upstairs dude had lost it at the moment he realised

I'd worked out he was wearing a womans teddiesuit and bra under his shorts and Tshirt.

It was like a chain reaction. Mr Upstairs dude started to fuck my mouth almost violently. I'd pulled the teddiesuit up between his butt cheeks, pushed his penis back into the teddiesuit and was sucking and running my tongue along the length of his penis through it. The teddiesuit was just loose enogh for me to be able to get my mouth around him without having to take it out from his lingerie, And I think he liked that. I must have tightened up even more as he started to spasm, because half a moment after Mr Upstairs dude started to squirt through his teddiesuit into my mouth, Mr Driver just about tore me open as he reached his moment. Im kinda surprised that he didnt have the rest of the block down to see what all the noise was about.

And me?

Well as soon as I felt Mr Driver gush into me, I went to pieces. And a face full of shaved bits and a nice teddy just do me everytime. Even if the teddies on a TV ( I think it's the shaved bits, hairy boys in lingerie make me want to throw up). I had a mouthful of Mr Upstairs orgasm and when Mr Driver came, I just started to gush. Mu panties were soaked through. I have never felt so turned on.

When it was over, I almost had to crawl back to my flat. It felt like the longest 20 feet Ive ever travelled. And although it was probably only about 10 minutes that this had been going on, it felt like it took 2 hours.

And Mr Driver and Mr Dude upstairs kinda vanished without a word. I cant help think about the way they disappeared after they'd had me, although I wonder. Mr Upstairs dude saw me as I left my block a few weeks ago, before this happened. Cant help but wonder if he set the whole thing up, its not like it's hard to find where I am , what I get up to, or what I am,( its all over the net in fact). But Ill never know. Unless they come out and admit to it.

So I guess its out there. But Mr driver and Mr Dude upstairs, if thats the case, maybe you should let me know. Id really like a do over, just in case I didnt satisfy you. Im sure I could make both of you come even harder.