Written by Candy1991

16 Apr 2012

i was so nervous to go this particular club but i just had to know what it was like and since i was encourage to go i thought why not and why wait.So me and my 2 girls went in had a tour where the spas saunas private not so private rooms are and looked quite fun hehe dark corners for dark dirty deeds.

My friends and i decided to get changed and go into the spa and i encouraged my friend jas to go in aswell all we could feel was hands thats all we could feel and it was nice along my back and legs for some reason i was so comfy here and i have no idea why when clearly this place isnt for everyone.

I decided since this was jas first time anywhere like this to leave her to her own devices cause she works better that way hehe i went got dry and put on an outfit to walk around to tease the boys and to be honest i loved that idea just to watch them watch me in my lace black underwear and my baby doll length outfit lace aswell just walk around see whats happening.

i went to the threatre where there was a big screen with some naughty porn i loved it not so much the porn the fact that i can watch it and enjoy it but not on my own hehe i went upstairs to sit and watch from the balcony when a good looking male went beside me started talking and i noticed a tongue ring woooo never had that before so i flirted back decided to get a room for my first encounter.....

we both found a room and started to play first because i love cock i grabbed him hmm haha even dropped the towel he was a decent size i got excited hmm so i continued to tug on his cock kissing him then licking sucking his head of his cock running my tongue over and down to the end then back up to tease sucking hard then soft at different times then he pushed me back onto the bed and spread my legs and gave me a bit of oral was nice different cause of his tongue ring.

he fingered me i loved that two fingers hmmm was amazing hehe but i get impatient very told him to put on a condom and cum here quick lol and that he did i put my legs over his head and it felt interesting and gentle not usually what i like but i went with it i pushed up against him so get him in deep then i turned on all fours to have in in me even deeper i said he can pull my hair but he didnt just was a nice.

he got a bit tired so we had a rest meaning i had a good play with him sucking his cock even more enthusiasticly and did i he came and i loved tasting him. we got changed smiled and left the room then.

later on we found out wasnt such a private room there was a mirror and wow that made it worth while

shows on me boys hehe