30 Apr 2015

Hi gang I am new here I like to introduce me as a HORNY widower after a marriage of 56 years.

This is more a profile than a erotic story because I don't want the members to be disappointed ones they meet me.

I was born in 1930 on a plantation my only friend was a white boy.

We always plyaed together.At a young age of 7 I found when I played with my little man that it was a pleasant feeling.

I can't remember if I got an erection but still it was heaven.

In the swimming pool which was down in a ravine away from everybody my friend and I use to play Indian and cowboy afterwards we sit on the edge of the pool and played with each other.

During the war I can't remember having any of those feelings.

After the war in Europe It happened again now masturbation was full on ,my first intercourse with a prostitude was haven on earth while I was inside here she tickled my testicles well I exploded.

I had no homosexual tendency until I got acquainted with a friend who was an expert in radio.

Eventually we started touching each other undressed and cuddled each other masturbating he sure had a nice body he could have been a woman nice milky body with pink nipples as hard as rock.

That lasted 2 month we had a great time wonder what happened to him.

Migrated to Australia worked in the tobacco in Mareeba cane fields in Atherton and sugar mill.

Met my wife married 12 month later and left for the mines in West Australia

We had a good sex life produced two girls .

Now single again all the old feelings back again dying to have sex not intercourse alone but feeling talking having a good time.

Any one that can introduce me to the swinging world is very much appreciated.