7 Jul 2016

New member fuck

Met with a brand new member yesterday (Wed 6th July) he screwed the arse off me.

I stripped all his clothes off, pushed him down onto the bed and devoured on his swollen hard cock, getting him ready for my wet and aching pussy.

Bending me over my bed, he stood behind and parted my swollen wet lips, he wasted no time, slowly eased his hot hard cock inside my wanting hole, I could feel every veiny cm' of his fat cock filling my body, he had me immediately moaning in pleasure.

Fucking me slowly to start with, he picked up his pace until he was banging his mother-fucking cock into me, so fucking hard. I could barely hold on or even catch my breath. He had me beg for his hot cum, had me verbally pleading with him to fill my body with his thick creamy cum!

He finally gave me exactly what I asked for, he groaned out so loud, let loose a torrent of melting hot fluid into me, and I too came, I was deliciously filled to the brim, my sweet open snatch, flooded full of his hot creamy sperm.

I collapsed onto my bed, spent.