Written by Lucky bloke

6 Jun 2017

Few weeks ago a 40ish divorcee and her two daughters moved into the house next door. She is hot. busty and built blonde hair and knows how good her body looks. That is obvious by the clothes she wears.

One Saturday afternoon when I was poking about in the shed I heard her call out. I went and met her by the fence and she had asked me if I could help move something with her as it was too heavy. Naturally I'm not going to miss an opportunity to get a perv in as always on a milf.

I met her at the front door and as she opened it I nearly fell over. She was wearing a white very shear summer dress and that was about it. I followed her into the house and as we got to the loungeroom she bent forward explaining the coffee table was very heavy. The view of that round butt and pussy popping out of under the dress drove me mad. she asked me to go to the other side and help lift it and then I got a good look at some very large and well kept breasts. I was erect immediately.

We managed to move it eventually to its new position and she thanked me. Then I was shocked at her next comment.

"Did you like what you were just staring at?" I didn't know what to say. I apologised.

She laughed and said that if she didn't want me to see it she would have worn something a little more appropriate. She told me that I am a little obvious about having a perv and that she liked being admired. she also got very turned on thinking I was going to jerk off over her and I should watchout for the open curtains later tonight.

She was spot on about what I was going to do and what I saw later was amazing. I haven't fucked her yet but since then I have had two fingers in her at a bbq and she has jerked me off through the fence while her boyfriend was there on the phone talking. this is insane but fuckloads of fun