Written by Sleazy_pool

24 Feb 2012

New Year’s Eve and we’re out with younger friends at an all-night dance party in the city. The huge venue is gradually filling and we are chilling to the vibe. Mrs Pool looks stunning, tastefully dressed in tight jeans and a top which emphasises her slim waist and DD breasts. With minimal makeup, maximum confidence and understated style she stands out against the crowds of younger, but somehow cheaper, rave maidens.

We dance with each other, and with our friends, and despite the plethora of far more scantily clad groovers, there are plenty of eyes on us.

Mrs Pool and her friend Eve head to the ladies. The dance floor is huge so this takes some time, and, as Mrs Pool relates to me later, she detects plenty of eyes following her progress across the floor.

Halfway back from the ladies, a good-looking dark-haired man in his thirties sweeps Mrs Pool into his arms, dips her and sings along with the song playing at that moment. It’s an innocent enough action and could be taken as exuberance and nothing more. He is however just Mrs Pool’s type – taller than average, dark and good looking. She smoulders in his arms and, as she tells me later, he almost drops her in shock. Suddenly Eve is batting at his shoulder with her handbag, telling him to back off, Eve being straight and not knowing about our predilection for swinging and MFM threesomes.

After re-joining our group Mrs Pool describes her encounter to me and I tell her that I will accompany her to ladies next time. Her story turns me on and the thought of seeing an encounter between her and the dark-haired man gets me hotter and hornier, and we dance together very suggestively. The crowd around us heaves, presses and throbs as much in response to our display as to the music.

Eventually it is time to head back to the facilities and Mrs Pool flashes me a wicked smile and a wink. I follow, weaving and jostling through the dancing throng. Suddenly a man sweeps Mrs Pool into his arms and dips, exactly as described by her earlier. I quickly sidestep into a knot of dancing strangers, positioning myself slightly behind and to the side of Mrs Pool and her new friend so that I can observe. The chemistry between them is palpable, and I don’t blame him one bit. He has identified and singled out a woman of quality. They kiss, then pash, mashing their lips together. She is pressing her body into his while his hands move up and down her back, pulling her even closer. I am probably standing with my mouth open and jaw sagging, because one person in the group I have stepped in with asks me if I am having a bad trip. No I am not, and if only they knew!

Dark and handsome steps back. There are some words exchanged and Mrs Pool continues on her way to the ladies. I catch her up and put my arm around her. We smile at each other and kiss, incredibly turned on by what has just happened. We are definitely up for more, and after our ablutions retrace our steps in the hope of a repeat performance. To our disappointment he is not there We look around a bit without finding him, then we re-join our group. Mrs Pool and I dance for quite a while before noticing that he is standing directly behind our group with some friends. I immediately step back and start chatting with Lachlan, Eve’s husband. Mrs Pool walks over to her new admirer and I watch them chat. The banter is friendly but there is no touching. I wonder if he feels awkward in front of his young friends. He introduces her to one of the young guys. He is maybe 21, tall, fair and shirtless. Definitely not Mrs Pool’s type at all, but she is of course all grace and manners, talking and smiling, placing her hand on his bare skin as she does so. He is like a dog on heat – you can almost see his tongue hanging out. As they talk I can tell the exact point at which she tells him her age – old enough to be his mother – because his eyes pop and he spins around to face his mates with a “what should I do?” look and gesture. They give him the thumbs-up and he turns back to Mrs Pool. His expression has changed – he is almost sheepish. He is now quite deferential to Mrs Pool and I chuckle to myself. The young man is clearly in awe, however Mrs Pool’s eyes are not for him – they alternate between me and her tall dark stranger.

As the night wears on the two groups merge, and we learn that the focus of Mrs Pool’s lust is Tom and that his young friend is Danny. Tom and Danny however are not told that I am Mr Pool, and I hang with the crowd in a neutral way, waiting to see how this situation will pan out.

As dawn approaches, Tom and Danny invite everyone back to their nearby hotel room. Our group has rooms in a hotel nearby as well, and half of our group decline and head back there to sleep. Tom and Danny’s friends all decline, deciding to go home, so we, Eve, Lachlan, Leo and Michelle end up there.

It’s pretty casual; we have drinks, listen to music and play some silly guessing games. There are numerous meaningful looks between Tom and Mrs Pool which seem to completely escape the notice of the others, but then they are pretty tired and out of it. Eventually our four friends head to their hotel leaving us with Tom and Danny. It is suddenly awkward, and I can see the two guys are wondering what is going on. They still don’t know that I am Mrs Pool’s husband. Tom remains sitting next to Mrs Pool on a three seater and Danny is sitting in a single armchair, as am I. I decide to move to the foreground and kick things off. I stand up and say that it’s pretty hot in the room. As I am saying it I step towards Mrs Pool. I whip off her shoes, her belt and her jeans. I sit down beside her, kiss her passionately and stroke her bare thigh. I sit back and with a palm up gesture signal to Tom that it is his move. He gets it, and removes Mrs Pool’s top. She is now sitting in her underwear, which I must say is an incredibly sexy sight. Tom leans over and does exactly the same as I just have, kissing Mrs Pool and stroking her bare thigh.

Tom and I looked towards Danny, gave him the “your turn” signal, but he doesn’t understand or is too shocked, and just sits there gawping. Tom, Mrs Pool and I laughed in delight and suddenly there is a frenzy of kissing, male hands pawing female flesh, female hands rubbing bulging crotches, and young eyes drinking in the action. Pretty soon the three of us are naked with Mrs Pool delighting in the attention. Danny has his hard cock in hand, stroking it absentmindedly, while watching.

Mrs Pool stands and bends forward, inviting Tom to take her from behind. I fish in the pocket of my discarded jeans and toss him a condom. As Tom enters Mrs Pool from behind she makes a guttural sound, half moan, half grunt. I sit on the three-seater couch and Mrs Pool sucks my cock while being serviced from behind. Meanwhile Danny has recovered from his trance and sits on the floor between Mrs Pool’s legs with his back to me so that he can lick her swollen clit. Mrs Pool is so turned on that after only a couple of light brushes from Danny’s tongue her body begins to shudder and buckle with an orgasm.

The four of us bundle onto the sofa, more at ease now. Tom asks Mrs Pool what she likes, and she says that she has already experienced her favourite thing tonight, the “fuck-munch”, which is being fucked and receiving oral sex at the same time. She was even better this time because she had her husband’s cock in her mouth while it was being done. The look of shock on their faces is comical, and it takes a while before they calm down. Mrs Pool says that this is her first time with three cocks and there must be some other combinations and permutations that will blow her mind.

Suddenly it’s like a brainstorming session. Danny almost shouts “I fuck you missionary while you stroke and suck the other two” at the same time as Tom suggesting “DP while you suck the third cock” with me simultaneously suggesting a rotating daisy chain.

Mrs Pool smiles mischievously, suggesting we try all of them and more, so we did.