Written by hardasnails5109

23 Feb 2011

As im cleaning my backyard i hear music comin from next door, i poke my head over the fence and ther i spot u, tanning in ur swimsuit. long brown legs, bright blonde hair, gorgoues eyes, deadly body and small perky tits. As i try to get back down off the fence i stumble a little and u catch me checking u out. I go bright red and apologise many times to u. u look at me and i apologise to u many times and u say " well seeing as though u r checking me out can u help me with some sunscreen, i reply yeah sure anything, for u. i jump the fence and i grab the sunscreen and as i do this u roll onto ur stomach and untie ur bather top and let it slide off u so i can rub sunscreen into all of ur back.

i start with ur neck, gently rubbin lotion into ur neck, softly massaging it. i then slowly slide down to ur upper back and shoulder blades. then slidin down to ur lower back massaging the sunscreen into u, covering all ur back.i then slide my hands covered in sunscreen up the sides of ur hot body and as i do this i get a little feel of ur tits, just waitin for u to say get off me, leave me alone. but no response and i smile to myself. i then rest on my knees above ur ankles and i massage sunscreen into ur legs. from ur ankles slidin slowly up the back of ur legs and then stopping at the base of ur hot ass. i watch as u slowly slide ur legs apart and i slide my hands from ur ankles slowly up ur inner thighs rubbin sunscreen deep into u makin sure u r completely covered.

i then reach and can feel the hotness between ur legs and i slide 1 finger up and against ur bather bottoms, pressin against ur clit. i can feel ur moistness between ur legs threw ur bikini. i press hard against ur clit and slide it up an down up an down, i sit there waitin for u to tell me to stop or leave u alone and the only thing i hear from u is a soft low moan. i now press 2fingers against ur clit an i slide it up n down up n down while my fingers stroke fastr n fastr. As i hear u moans get louder and more frequent i slide up towards ur head and i kiss ur neck. soft kisses on ur neck then i nibble ur ear lobe. my 2 fingers then slide up into ur bikini feelin ur pulsating clit. i slide my fingers fastr up n down up n down, then i pinch ur clit between my 2 fingers.

i then see u turn ur head and look deep into my eyes and u beg for me to kiss u. my lips meet yours and i embrace u deeply, passionately. as i kiss u i slide my fingers deep into ur soakin pussy. pressin them deep in u again n again. ramming 3fingrs deep into ur hot pussy, pushin deepr n deepr gettin fastr as i hear u moan loudr and for much more.i then tell u i want u to raise ur hips up and get on ur knees. as u do this i slide my shorts off and reveal to u my hard stiff cock. with u on ur knees u look back at me, pull ur bikini to the side and say " shove it in big boy " i then stare deep into ur longing eyes and i press my fat cock head into ur juciy cunt.

we stare at each other, we smile and both let out soft moans. my fat cock head teasin ur pussy, slidin my cock head in n out in n out of u. u then slide ur hand under ur legs and as i slide in u again u grab my balls and pull my entire hard length deep inside u. i hold it there for a second and i can feel u playin with ur clit, using ur fingers to pinch n slide ur clit slowly around in circles. i slide my hard cock all the way out of u and then ram it deep back inside u again, i can feel ur hot pussy grab at my cock as i enter u again.my hands holdin onto ur hips and pullin u back onto me as i enter u again n again.my balls slappin against ur clit, and as ur teasin ur clit u fondle my balls at the same time too.

i reach under n fondle ur tits, i hear ur moans gettin louder and much more frequent, mmm i love hearin u moan. u look back at me and continue to moan. as u moan louder i ram inside u deepr an hardr. my fingers pulling and tweekin ur nipples as my thick hard cock slides inside ur juicy cunt over and over again. u tell me ur close to an all mighty orgasm and with this i spread ur legs wider apart and grind my fat cock deep inside u. as i feel u play with ur clit, i help u at the same time. my fingers pinchin ur clit then releasing it as u slide ur fingers up n down on ur hot clit.then at the same time i push hard into u and u back urself hard up against me and u let out a loud scream and moan.i feel ur pussy orgasim around my fat cock, grippin it tighter as i fuk u deepr n hardr. as u moan loud one more time we look into each others eyes and i release my hot cum deep into ur wicked pussy. wave after wave of cum slidin deep into ur hot, juicy cunt. ur moans get softer and with more time between them ur orgasm subsides and u feel ur head become less dizzy and the blood rushes back threw ur body.

we colapse together as one as i lay on top of u while my cock is still buried deep inside u. i kiss u on the beack of the head. then on ur forehead then ur sweet lips. i whisper to u " anytime u need sunscreen on just give me a call " and with this i kiss u on ur cheek and hop back over the fence.

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