Written by tyga

17 May 2012

it would be a while since we were going to see each other.. so we met at an aquaintances empty house... he opened up the door & let me in... we never have to say much... the sparks always fly even when talking on the phone as we both know how hot the sex can be. He shows me the kitchen hes in the process of installing, he stands behind me & starts to run his hands over my breasts, finding my already hard nipples. He turns me around and we kiss as his hands reach under my top. He leads me to a bedroom and takes my top off, he starts to suck and bite on my nipples as he squeezes my breasts. His other hand slips down to my ever so wet pussy, I spread my legs as his finger starts to play with my clit then slips inside me. His finger moved in and out... he turns me round .bends me over, and teases my pussy with his nice hard cock. It had been a while since i felt it, and would be a while since i woudl again. and i longed for it. He slid his cock into me, he started to fuck me slowly. makin his cock wet with my pussy juices. He began to thrust his cock deep into me, he was fucking me hard and fast. my hands on the wall,, to help me push back onto him, he grabbed my hair and pulled back on it slightly. making me tilt my head back. he grabbed hold of my hips and with each thrust he would pull me back onto him hard. i reached thru my legs & squeezed his balls, it wasnt long before he pulled out cum all over my back. He then lay me down on the bed and started to lick and suck my pussy. pushing his fingers inside me as his tongue cirlced my clit. *let me watch u play with urself* he said. I spread my pussy lipsapart with one hand while the other started to rub my clit. he stood beside me and stroked his cock, wasnt long before his hands were touching me again.. then his tongue and mouth on my pussy, pushing his tongue into me.. while his finger circled & teased my arse, this made me cum almost instanstly. he climbed on top and fucked me hard and fast for a while. til he was about to blow, he jumped off and i finished him off with sucking & stroking his hard cock. it was his turn to lie down. i knelt beside him, his semi hard cock looking inviting, i sucked it for a bit, til in hardened. then stradled over him, with his cock in my hand i teased my pussy & clit with it. i place the tip inside me, then slowly sat down on him, taking his cock deep inside me. i luved riding this guy. i started off slowly, wanting to feel his cock glide over my clit as i rode up & down on it. i bent over, licking and biting his neck while i rode him, every now and then he would slap my arse as i was on a downward thrust, making me come down harder on him. i fucked him hard and fast. I was riding him that hard i dont know what was making more noise, him, me or the bed scraping on the floor boards. after 30 mins of riding hm, i jumped off as he wanted to cum.. then started to suck his hard cock again..til he blew his hot cum down my throat. i collapsed on the bed beside him.. exhausted from riding him for so long. we lay there for a few mins, then it was time to get dressed and go our seperate ways again.