Written by Paul

11 Apr 2013

Since our last time together Jenny and myself have have kept in constant contact with each other trying to organize our next meeting. Being school holiday time we were both fortunate to have our partners and kids go away.

Since Jenny has gone back to Nursing this year her shifts have been all over the place, so since she was working over the school holiday period her husband decided to take their kids away. The same happened with myself as my days off were all over the place my wife took the kids to her parents house.

Whilst away with work during this time Jenny called me to ask when I was off work to organize some time for the two of us. I told her I had the Tuesday and up until lunch time Wednesday off and Jenny told me she would get back to me with her plans.

Monday afternoon Jenny called me and told me to be ready for pickup at lunch time with an overnight bag and some nice clothes for dinner as we would be going out of town for a night out.

Jenny picked me up Tuesday lunch time and we headed out of town. We checked into our motel room and Jenny told me to get dressed for dinner as she had reservations for dinner for us at a restaurant.

Jenny appeared from the bathroom dressed in a nice tight fitting dark blue cocktail dress and looked hot as hell. I grabbed hold of Jenny and kissed her and told her she looked sexy. Jenny told me I didn't scrub up bad myself and we called a taxi and went to dinner. When Jenny got out of the taxi her dress looked even better from behind. We were shown our table and Jenny asked me if her I could see her panty line in her dress and I told her no. Jenny then informed me that she was not wearing any knickers. This made me instantly hard and many thoughts raced through my head.

We ate dinner and desert and after some wine during dinner Jenny and I were keen to get back to our room for the nights activities. We soon left and during the taxi ride back to our motel I slid my hand up Jenny's dress and she was not wearing any knickers and was wet as hell. The taxi ride seemed to take forever but we eventually arrived at our motel.

We were soon inside our room and all over each other and soon were undressing. In no time we were both naked and passionately each other. We moved to the bed and I laid down and Jenny sat on my face. She was soaking and I was loving every minute of eating that bold juicy pussy. Jenny then leant forward into a 69 position and took my hard cock into her mouth and started to suck me.

Her mouth felt magical as Jenny started to deep throat my cock and Jenny stated to hurriedly thrust back onto my face. I grabbed hold of Jenny's hips pulling them back to my face and sped my tongue up and soon enough Jenny orgasmed quiet hard and managed to keep my cock in her mouth. After Jenny's orgasm subsided she went back to work on my cock and soon enough I felt the build up and let go and came in her mouth.

Jenny then repositioned herself next to me and we held each other and passionately kissed and rubbed each others bodies. Jenny's hand went to my cock and started to rub it and she looked at me and told me to hurry up and get hard as she needed my cock in her pussy. After about 15 minutes of kissing and rubbing I was hard again and Jenny rolled a condom on my cock and got on her hands and knees and I entered her from behind. I immediately grabbed hold of her hips and started to fuck her hard. Jenny was pushing back just as hard to meet my thrusts as she played with her clit and after about 10 minutes of hearing her load screams she finally pushed back and came hard again. I withdrew myself from Jenny and laid on my back and had Jenny mount me.

Jenny leant down and we kissed as she moved up and down my cock. I had one hand on Jenny's tits and the other holding her hips pulling her down onto my cock. Jenny sat upright and started to move faster on my cock so I moved my hand from her tits onto her pussy and began to rub it. Jenny kept the speed up and I felt myself beginning to cum, so I lifted my hips and began to thrust in Jenny's pussy and soon enough I filled the condom and Jenny came again soon after. Jenny rolled off me and we held each other and went to sleep.

In the morning I woke up first and went straight to Jenny's pussy with my mouth. It only took a few minutes of eating her pussy and Jenny woke up so I moved up to kiss Jenny and at the same time inserted my hard cock into her pussy. My cock slid straight in and I slowly started to move in and out of Jenny and our mouths continued to stay locked together with our tongues exploring each others throats. I then withdrew and went back to eating Jenny's pussy. She was now at a very aroused state and her pussy was super wet. Jenny wrapped her legs around my head and picked up the pace thrusting her pussy into my face. Soon enough Jenny let out a loud cry and started to convulse on my face as she came heavily.

Jenny didn't take long to recover and was rubbing my cock and balls. Unfortunately we ran out of time and had to quickly shower so I could make it to work. In the shower we were still all over each other and Jenny told me we could finish off at her house if we had time as she to was still rather horny.

The drive home took just over an hour and on approach to Jenny's house we went through our usual routine and I hid in the back of her car as not to arouse suspicion from her neighbours. As soon as we were inside we were hurriedly kissing as I moved Jenny to the kitchen table and bent her over and slid her jeans and knickers down and did the same with my shorts and jocks. I then positioned myself behind Jenny and with one hard thrust buried my cock deep into her pussy. Jenny let out a loud moan and her pussy was throbbing. I new we didn't have much time so I grabbed her hips and began to bang her hard and fast. Jenny responded with her own urgency pushing back to meet my thrusts. Jenny soon came and this sent me over the edge, I pulled out and unloaded my cum onto Jenny's arse.