Written by Anonymous

6 Dec 2019

Rode my push bike at 9pm to a park 10mins away wearing goody track pants no undies. Had vaso in my hungry asshole ready for fucking.

Rode down the path in the dark bushy park and came to a young guy sitting on a bench alone. His hand was down his pants as we greeted eachother. I sat next to him and rubbed his hard cock thru his pants. I wasted no time pulling his rock hard 8 inch bone out and started sucking him mice n deep. I asked him to fuck me and he said yes.

We moved behind the bushes and I just dropped my pants and spread my cheeks wide offering him my horny hole. He rammed his cock all the way into me and started fucking me hard n fast balls deep as he played with my cock. After only a few mins he said he was going to cum in me and i said i was going to cum to. He asked if he could taste my cum and i said yes sure, but i felt his hot load spurting deep into my hole which made me cum at the same time onto the leafy ground. He pulled out of me and came around to suck the last bit of cum from my cock. Then i sucked his still hard cock clean. I wanted him to fuck my soaked ass again but he said he needed a rest so we went back to the bench and i rode away leaving him there smoking a cigarette.

I could feel his cum leaking out of my hole wetting my track pants as I rode about 50 meters around some bends to a more frequented dogging spot.

I saw 3 guys in the dark standing together so I left my bike again and walked over to them. They were in a small clearing standing and wanking eachother. They hesitated when they saw me come over but I said mmm don't mind me as I just had my ass fucked and creamed. I offered to suck cock and 1 guy agreed. As I sucked his smallish cock I noticed one Greek looking guy there had a very thick 6 or 7 inch cock with a huge cut cock head. I tried to wanking as I sucked the other guy but he declined. I pulled my pants down as I was bent over sucking and I started fingering my cum dripping fuckhole. I did a sloppy sounding fart and felt cum spurt from my hole. I quickly tasted some of my fingers when the third older guy there said wow my asshole had been fucked and cum filled. He then started fingering my wet hole. Then the little cock I was sucking exploded into my mouth. I gulped it all down mmm.

Little cock guy left as older guy worked my sloppy hole with his fingers. I started sucking him too but he was soft and said he had already cum earlier. Then he told thick cock guy that my hole was very wet n fuckable. Thick cock said RIGHT THEN! He roughly pulled me over bent me over and rammed his thick meat straight into me deep and started fucking me hard deep n fast. He fucked my so hard I almost fell over! He pushed me up against a tree trunk and I was bent over back arched hugging the trunk as he really started fucking me hard n rough so my hole was making sloppy wet noises. He then said yes he can feel my slut ass had been fucked and cum soaked. He really pounded my hole good as he also slapped my ass cheeks and called me a dirty loose cum hole slut. I was in ecstasy as he used my hole hard. Then the young guy from earlier appeared in front of me with his hard cock out. We moved around so the young guy could fuck my throat as the thick cock still rammed me proper. I was in heaven getting spitroasted very well! I begged thick cock to dump his load into my slut hole but he said i should have heard his moans a few mins earlier when he was blowing his load into me. They spitroasted me a bit longer then thick cock pulled out came around and got my to suck and lick him clean as young guy watched n wanted till thick cock left. Then young hard cock shoved his pole down my throat and spurted straight into my belly making me gag n try not to cough up his load.

Young guy then left quickly and I thanked him for cumming in my asshole and throat. What a cum loaded hard cock champ he was!

Then it was just me and the old soft cock guy. He said what a good fuck slut I was and that my asshole must be very cummy. I just bent over and spread my well fucked hole wide to show him. He said wow! Cum was dripping from my loose hole.

Then old guy let me suck his now half hard cock as he started to fingering my asscunt again. I could feel him working my hole wider and i asked how many fingers he had up me. He said 4 and they were going in my loose juicy hole easily. Then he said Take my hole hand you loose cum soaked slut!

It hurt a bit at first when he slide his whole hand into me. He worked my hole gently at first and it felt divine. No pain anymore just a great feeling of being stretched wide n deep. He said wow as my loose asscunt made loud sloppy wet noises as he moved his hand around in my hole. He pulled his cock from my mouth and got behind me.

I said yes please fist fuck me! And he did! He punched my messy loose hole in and out hard and fast till I came onto my hand. I showed him my cum in my hand and he got me to wipe it all over his fist before he punched my hole again.

That was 3 different guys cum including mine messing up my very stretched wide sloppy loose slut hole. Then I heard him moan and felt his warm cum hit my hole near his wrist as his fist was deep up me. Then he pulled his fist out and wiped his cum onto it before ramming it hard n very deep back into my used hole. Then he pulled his fist from my hole again and my very sloppy asscunt burpees n farted out some of the 4 different cum types out.

The old guy said thanks and so did I!

He left and I left too and rode my bike home feeling the bike seat pushing against my wet pleasantly sore loose slot.

I got home and cum had soaked the ass of my track pants and the bike seat was slimy too!

I went inside and got my 2 thick dildoed and used then and my fingers to work my hole hard and constantly sucking all the mixed cum off the dildoes and my fingers until u came again a small amount but I scooped it up and the fell asleep with the 2 dildoes still up my very well used loose cum sloppy slut hole.

I woke in the morning and the dildoes were out next to my hole. A good amount of cum was on my sheets and dildoes still so I started fucking my rather sore yet still hungry and very sloppy hole again. I love my slut asscunt like that!

That was one of the best times I have had.