Written by Milf wife

16 Feb 2012

Over the past few years, my wife and i have tried a few new things, these have included joining this site, attending a swingers meet and greet plus more. one adventure that we will never forget started with a trip to a nude resort. to set the seen let me tell you about my wife. she is 165 cm 56 kg size 8 to 10 with c/d cup boobs. she as always looked after herself and as the years have past become hotter that ever. for many years she as know that i like her to be looked at and we play games seeing how other look at her.

last year we discussed what it would be like to go to a nude resort for a few days, we had tried the beach and found that there was very few couple and lots of guys. i enjoyed others looking at her as she sun baked and walked down to the water. so we booked our break away with no real idea what it would be like.

we arrived and got our cabin and could really see any one so we had a little walk around (clothed) and found that there were 4 couples by the pool 3 naked and one with a woman with ag string on. so we went back got our swimmer and joined them. after chatting with a couple we both got naked. we spent around 2 hour by the pool and found out how the resort worked. That night they had a pool side bbq as a meet and greet. so we arrived at the bbq with our things and were welcomed. the was 7 couples, 4 ladies and 2 guys and before long all where completely naked.

my wife was being included and all was going well. the 2 guys we thought they where gay as both were in their 30 and great bodies. most of the women had commented about them. as the night went on more wine was drunk and everyone ws feeling relaxed. my wife said she needed some thing from our cabin so off she went i was quite enjoying speaking to a couple who's wife was showing me a bit of attention. after about 15 minutes i said i better go and look for my wife. when i returned the the cabin i could her my wife and my cock went hard in seconds. when i walked in she was in the middle of a 3 some with the 2 guys. my heart was pounding that fast i thought it would come out of my chest. she had one guy in her had and the other was eating her pussy. this guy had the biggest cock i had ever seen. it must have been a good 8 inch thick and hard. the other guy was about 7 and more like me. i wanted to just jerk off there and then watching them as my wife saw me she said, 'what kept you" with that the guy would was eating her pussy rolled her over and entered her side on. what you see in the porn movies is what i was seeing. my wife brazilian pussy wrapping it self around his monster cock. as he was pounding her the she was bring to give the other guy a blow job, within a few second of his cock entering her mouth he cum over her face and hair. the load he shot over her was about a months worth of mine and he stayed hard.

she was enjoying the other guy and cumin with every thrust. he then pulled out and asked her to get on all fours as he did he was like a stallion ready to sever a mare. i walked close and she asked would i guild his cock into her pussy like they do with horses, he said it was ok so i did. it was like a steel rod and i cannot be sure i think it went harder when i guilder him in her. she loved it his cock my hand rubbing her clit. then for some strange reason i started to sank in with the end of his cock in my wife. as i rubbed her clit she liked it and as i wanted his cock he liked it within a minute he had cum.

then without missing much time i had my cock in her and filled her with my load. but this time the guy who had cum first was hard so as i pulled out her entered her. she loved it and after som hard fucked from our new friends she finally said she was fucked.

with that the 2 guys left and we just sat there hearts pounding and my wife pussy dripping. we talked about going back to the pool but choose to site out side and talked about what we had just done. the cum that she had worn on her face had now dried and the cum from inside left marks every chair she sat in.

as 2 couples walked passed they stopped and with us saying anything asked how was we enjoying our first night. i think they knew what had just happened. since that day my wife and i have relived every second many times