Written by tease

27 Aug 2012

so i just turned 18 my girlfriends had a massive night planed for my 1st night clubbing out drinking and dancing , unsure of what to wear out my friend suguested i wore a mini skirt bearly covering my ass and lace underwear and a very tight short singlet top which my tits hung out of the top in because she said it gets hot dancing, ......................................................................................dancing on the floor a group of 3 guys came dancing around me with the hands travelling all over my body at one stage one of the guys was on his knee on the dance floor nibbling at my clit throu my lacey underwear , while another guy had his hand up my top slightly pinching and pulling at my now hard nipples,noone around was aware of what was going on as all the guys where at lot taller the me , all a sudden i feel a hard cock rubbing against my lacey underwear near my ass he uses his finger to pull my underwear to the side and slipped his cock inside my clit, while the other two where dancing either side to cover up what was going on, didnt take the 1st guy very long to finish what he started no sooner he pulled out the 2nd guys turned around and actully took my underwear off and slipped them into his pocket..easy access he wispered in my ear, he grabbed my thigh and pulled my leg up to his hip and thrusted his slighlty smaller then the 1st guys dick into me pushing my neck back he was biting at my neck while he was pumping me.lasting a bit longer then the 1st guy, no sooner he had finished with me the last guy started to kiss me .... then started pushing my head down towards his groin i knew what he was wanting me to do as he had his hard cock in his hand ready and waiting so i went along with his request and started sucking his dick and foundling his balls with my free hand, he wrapped my hair around his wrist and started pulling it with 1 quick pull his dick was at the back of my throat and without warning he blew in my mouth i had no choice but to swollow his load no sooner he finshed i stood up the other guy guys where noone to be seen