16 Jan 2017

The Uber driver dropped me at our home, I was tipsy but finally made it into the house, Ric helped me in the door and I fell onto our lounge suite. I really needed to make it to our bed, so I stood up - well in truth, Ric helped me up, and once my legs felt like they working, I made my way up our hall. Ric behind me, and both of us laughing. We turned right into our room, we dropped onto the bed and Ric said "Goodnight Babe, glad you had a fun night." That was that, about 10 seconds later, I was asleep.

Saturday morning was truly, truly horrible. I felt like I'd spent the night in a dog kennel, and that damn sun coming through the windows was hurting my eyes. "this is not good!" I said out loud, only to myself, but I knew that what usually helped me after a night on the booze, was a very long soak, in a very hot bath. I rolled myself to the side of our bed - and feeling like some old lady, slowly got myself up. My skirt and top was lying crumpled on the floor, so at least I'd taken that off. I padded into the bathroom, my head thumping with every step.

Every drop of the wine from last night seemed to be dried and crystallised in my mouth. The bath could wait a bit, I had to clean my hairy teeth. I rested against the sink, and reached for my brush, trying not to look in the mirror - I knew I wouldn't be a pretty sight. Now just to put you in the picture, I'm here brushing my teeth, trying to be gentle with my poor aching head, and the door flings open. At this commotion, I do finally look into the mirror, and see Ric walk in. He's wearing just underwear. He smirks as he looks me up and down. Shit, I'm in last night's bra and G string, and fuck all else. Tooth brush is stationary in my mouth, my panda eyes looking back at him from the mirror, and my big round arse, on display.

"Gotta take a piss, Shona, I'm bursting" Ric says. He turns to the toilet, lifts the lid, and I hear his warm piss stream hitting the water, hard. He sighs, a big soft, relieved sigh.

Oh well, it's our bathroom I suppose....but I'm not over the moon. Seconds tick by, me still not moving, waiting, it seems like he is taking the longest piss in the world. I'm looking in the mirror at his strong shoulders. They're sexy, broad and still tanned from our last trip. I love everything about Ric's body and he sure has a nice arse.

Ric's piss waterfall finally stops, and I see the unmistakable double shrug of his arm as he shakes his big sexy cock dry. Through my head runs, "Great, now even if you were a nice husband last night, "fuck off Ric" and stop checking out my arse." But the bastard, he doesn't leave - he turns to me, leans his head over just a little, and stares right at my exposed G stringed arse. A naughty smile creeps across his face. Oh brilliant, I'm cornered here, and he's gonna want to have some fun, at my expense.

He walks up close behind me. I'm staring hard into the mirror, at him, hoping his little "perv session" ends soon. Quietly he says "Fucking hot rear, baby." I take the toothbrush out of my mouth, I am just about to politely ask him to go forth and fuck himself, when his finger brushes lightly up and down the crack of my arse. Jesus, I think to myself, what the fuck is this, a "Take the piss out of the nearly naked wife with a hangover" Little did I know, he had only just begun.

Then he leans over a little more, and starting just above the back of my knee, slowly runs his finger tips up my thigh, under my round bum cheek and up onto my arse. He trails them back down again, then back up. His face is really near mine now, his chin just on my shoulder. His hand reaches my arse now, pumps and squeezes my arse cheek for a few seconds, then slides his hand round front onto my lace G. He rests one finger on my sex through the lace. I gasp. Christ, having Ric's hand on my cunt this morning had certainly not been on my mind.

Maybe because I hadn't slapped him, yet! Even though that had crossed my struggling mind! The probing finger stayed and then he started to push gently into my soft pussy folds, running small circles, opening me up through the flimsy lace. I'm so hungover, but I surprised myself by letting out a very small, low moan. Maybe it was the last of the wine still in my bloodstream, maybe I wanted it, but Ric's finger probing had me warming up. "There's no better hangover cure." he whispers into my ear, maybe he is right, I start to think.

I relaxed myself a little more, and parted my thighs a little more, opening myself for him. One horny finger was immediately joined by another, both horny fingers drawing circles on my cunt lips, through my lace gusset. The G string was disappearing up into my quickly moistening pussy, and Ric now pushed his fingers under the gusset, to access more of me. I was so surprised, I was getting really, very wet. The dirty bastard continued, he slid his fingers, up into my cunt. Fuck, that made me moan, good and proper. He kept on with the circles, moving faster, sliding the tops of his fingers just into my cunt, on the down stroke, then spreading my ripening juices, out onto my cunt folds, on the way back up. He was really teasing me, just enough to keep me building, keep me wanting more of his touch. Each circle, he came close to my clit, but the dirty prick held off and never touched it. The little clit was starting to beg for Ric to reach in and massage it, but the teasing bastard, he kept massaging my outer lips.

The G panties were now getting in the way and I lowered my hands to my hips to remove them, but into my ear Ric whispered "No." He pulled the now soggy lace material to one side. God, I was now really soaked. He had free access and played in my moisture, after he moved on, he now ran his finger up to part, first one lip, then the other. He slid that delving finger right deep up inside me, coating it with my own juice, then withdrew, he finally trailed it slowly up to my swelling clit. When he finally attended to my clit, I nearly cried out, thank goodness, I was aching and desperate. The prick, he'd made me wait far too long for that pleasure. He started drawing tiny sticky circles on my swollen button, occasionally pressing in harder. Fuck me, Ric was playing my cunt, just the way I like to do it myself. My breathing got deeper, hangover thoughts were disappearing, as the waves of his fingering pleasure, really started to build my enjoyment.

He'd go back into my cunt and gather up more sticky fluids, then up again for more circles on my aching clit. His thumb and forefinger were holding my cunt lips wide apart, making the skin a tight platform to bring out my swollen clit, exposing me to his touch, even more. This unhurried fingering massage went on and on, until I felt myself give in to his pleasure. I started to shake and a very nice orgasm overtook me. "Fuck, yesssss!" I groaned out, as the lusty spasms and orgasmic shudders, pulsed joyously throughout my body. I was a great orgasm. But now with my sweet orgasm subsiding, I collapsed forward onto the vanity and began to settle myself down.

Ric slowed the fingering to a gentle rolling caress, barely, softly, touching me now. The circular pussy rubbing, post orgasmic, tingles were delicious. I really expected him to stop, to take his hand away, but he kept tenderly stroking my now puffy pussy lips. Fuck, after a bit more of that attention, I surprised myself and I went off again, I felt another orgasmic wave start to rise. Ric sensed this and pressed in a little firmer, rubbing more and more. The next orgasm came quick, welling up inside me, and this orgasm nearly made my knees give way. I'm not used to having a single orgasm, let alone a second orgasm, stood like we were. I now had to hold even harder onto the sink, so as not to fall.

Now dual orgasmed, well spent, exhausted, hungover, but fucking glowing, I slumped forward, resting my forehead on the cool glass of the mirror.

After a moment I stood up with a jolt, and smiled, saying, "you dirty bastard, that was hot but so unexpected, I nearly told you to "Fuck off!""

He did not care in the slightest, I felt Ric straighten, and pull into me. I realised, the hot, very hard head of his now erect cock was nestled against my arse. Jeez, the fucking hard cock felt good. I could then feel his hand, grip himself, he began stroking his fat cock into my arse cheek, back and forth against me, he rubbed himself. I looked into the mirror, Ric's eyes were half shut, as he rubbed his cock all over my arse.

The dirty bastard, he wasn't in a hurry at all, and just kept massaging the base of the head between his finger and thumb. Ric's smooth and warm cock flesh burned into my soft arse skin. A modest cock pulse and Ric groaned out a little, his stroking picked up pace. He was sliding his hand up and down the whole shaft length now, using my arse cheek on the head, lingering at the bottom of his cock, as his fingers squeezed his beautiful shaft.

I reached behind me, and cupped his big balls in my hand, another warm groan from his lips. I started to roll his big nuts in my palm. His cock stroking got faster and faster, growing in more urgency. Using my new fingernails, I gently clawed up and down his very full ball sack. I watched in the mirror as Ric tilted his head back, eyes shut in thought. His hand began to feel like a horny jackhammer, pounding against my arse.

He started to move backwards, in a low voice he said "Shona baby, I need to cum, now." I held him firmly in place, right behind me, by the balls, and pulled his cock, by the balls, back onto my arse.

"Well, I want you to cum, baby....cum all over my arse" I said hotly, turning my face towards him.

Just a few seconds later, wonderful hot ropes of warm cum was splashing onto my waiting arse cheeks, Ric was groaning and moaning "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!" over and over. Then more pulsing creamy splashes of the thick hot liquid, continued to erupt onto my arse cheeks. The first thick cum runs began warmly trickling down my arse cheeks and further along, down the back of my thighs. Ric rubbed his cum lubricated cock head into and across, my arse, squeezing the last creamy drops out of himself and onto my skin, still lightly spasming, still pulsing, every now and then. The dirty prick then massaged the thick spunk, with his hand, all over my arse cheeks, even working his way, from behind, onto my pussy lips. Eventually he quieted, he just held onto me, he leant forward, resting his forehead, breathing into my hair. We were both holding on to the basin now, heads down, breathing slowly. We must have looked a little odd - Ric with his undies round his ankles, his spent cock, nuzzling between my creamy jizzed arse cheeks; and me with my panties, still pulled to one side of my sticky cunt, and my happy, throbbing little, sated clit, still exposed.

Ric was spot on with what he originally said when he first groped me, especially now, just after our sexy episode here in the bathroom .....There's is definitely "No better hangover cure."

Many, many thanks for reading. Hope you had as much fun as we did...!