Written by lovemuck

7 Mar 2014

Met a cool couple from Melbourne a couple of weeks ago

We finally met close to their motel, had a quick bourbon to check each other out and we were all keen so went back to their room…following mrs up the stairs checking her out, breathing deep thinking about getting to play – yum…

The room had a big mirror, aircon (gets hot here) queen bed and a single – great play room

Me and the hubby sat and had another bourbon as his wife lay on the bed with a wine, she definitely had our attention…even more so as she moved her hands around her body

My cock was just about bursting through my shorts, she enjoyed this so I started rubbing myself…I wanted to do everything at once but remembered to breathe n enjoy

she was ready to play, black satin teddy, stockings...mmmm thinking about her now, thankign them both now :-)

She straddled him and ground her pussy into his lap, so hot watching them kiss and love each other

They stood and continued to kiss she started rubbing his cock as he kissed, sucked and licked her breasts

He looked over her shoulder and asked if I’d like to play…i didn’t need to be asked twice

I stood behind her, still fully clothed, and kissed her neck, slowly moving down her shoulders as I ground my cock against her..I took my clothe off and rubbed my body against hers, she was sandwiched between us

I started to rub her back and moved down over her arse…caressing the back of her thighs

So quick to type this but we took our time rubbing her body, covering her in kisses… she was pulling him hard by now…I moved closer and closer to her sweet pussy..i could smell her and was looking forward to tasting her

As soon as I slid my finger into her I knew we were going to have some serious FUN…her pussy grabbed at my finger, she was dripping, it was blowing my mind exploring her...she pushed back on me...and said she didn’t mind it hard…sweet words

He moved to the bed and she took him in her mouth, still standing, presenting her lush pussy right in my face and told me to fuck her…Im a gentleman so…

As soon as I was in her she started pushing back onto my cock – felt like old friends – really good old friends 

It wasn’t long before we started hammering at each other, hot watching her mouth move up and down on her man’s cock…gotta admit I was a little bit bone bruised the next day – the joys

So horny writing this now…think it’s gonna start reading like a porno play book – ‘and then this happened and then that happened’…hope that’s ok

It was so hot, we got too hot, we took a break

We all sat at back and had another drink…

She crawled across the bed and took me in her mouth – bourbon and headjobs – what a combo!

…another drink…

After a while she was lay back on the single bed looking delicious, I asked if I could lick her – dumb question – she lay back on the queen bed and lay her head in her man’s lap…I slowly tease-kissed her inner thighs, pausing briefly over her as I moved to the other thigh…yum…she was YUM, tasted so good was a pleasure to sup her up, feel her grind against my face – what joy, exploring her with my tongue, lips and fingers as she writhed away

She was hungry for just her man by now, I kicked back and watched them make love – HOT!

He was fingering as she gushed all over his hand, what a delicious show, they knew how to work each others bodies…...she straddled him again and slid up and down his cock, I felt honoured that they would share their sex with me…fucking yum!

I watched them thrash away to some awesome orgasms … I wasn’t too sure if they wanted me to go, but he suggested we have one more session before sending me on my way and she agreed…very quickly – I didn’t argue

she started sucking their combined wetness off his cock and once again I was presented with her stunning pussy…I wish I could describe how hot, delicious, dirty, sacred, filthy & lovely it was sliding into her again after their show, grabbing her hips hard, clamping her too me...we started slamming again and it wasn’t long before we were both letting out some amazing sounds and I came deep…deeeep in her (condom o’ course)

what a cool couple, it’s a relief when the people you are playing with are into each other as much as they were…Im definitely keen for part 2 …hope you enjoy reading this, especially if you’re the couple from the story...start planning another trip to Adelaide ;-)