Written by Libra

28 Oct 2018

Decicded to take a trip up to the central coast one weekend, visit a popular nude beach we heard a lot about. We got there undressed and started to enjoy the sun. About half an hour later a guy comes over and starts chatting to us both. My girlfriend asked, what goes on over the other side of the lagoon? He said guys and couples wandered over there and sometimes had some fun. He then asked her if she would like him to take her over and have a look, she looked at me and said yes okay.so they got up and wandered across, after about 15 miniutes I decided to follow the across . As I started walking through the Bush I could see and here about 12 guys having a lot of fun with someone, when I got up close I saw my girlfriend on all fours being fucked by the guy we had been chatting too. She had a cock in her mouth and one in each hand I stood back and watched as they all took turns , some fucking her, some having there cocks sucked and some just wanking over her and sucking her tits. I then had my turn WOW she was so wet. What an amazing day, we both loved it and all the guys were cool