Written by Anonymous

7 Mar 2020

As my nude in public experiences grew more daring, I was always turned on by pictures and videos

of couples having sex or individuals posing nude in adult bookstores and at glory holes.

I had been ringing around the various bookstores of Melbourne looking for fetish videos such as exhibitionism,

public nudity and sex in public. One store was very welcoming and I asked given my enquiry for these

genres, what would be their reaction to me wearing a see through body-stocking when I visited the

store that night? The store assistant said I could wear whatever I wanted. So I then asked what if I

turned up nude? He said it had happened a couple of times before and he had no issue with it.

So late that night, around eleven, I drove to the store and parked out back. Mind you, the car park was

visible from a major car park in the shopping centre, so if anyone was in their car they could definitely

see me. I waited and undressed, and then casually exited my car to the rear entry point of the store. I

was bold enough to want to walk straight in as if nothing was wrong, but as I got to the doorway, I

saw a guy at the counter. How he didn't see me was inexplicable, but I got nervous and went back to

the car. I phoned the store and the guy said he had a client, but give him a few minutes.

After the client left, the store assistant appeared at the back door and waved me in. I sat in my car stroking my

cock so it was at least a little pumped up. The thought of going in completely and utterly naked was

turning me on so much, but I was also thinking what if someone comes in when I am in there? I didn't

have anything to cover me but, then again, that's the whole turn-on experience, isn't it? So, I finally

got out of my car and walked in as if there was nothing abnormal. The guy didn't really pay too much

attention to me, but before long, my cock was as stiff as a rod. He was obviously looking at me and it,

and I gently stroked it in front of him. We got chatting and I asked him about other people doing this

and he explained that a couple of guys had done it before and a couple came in one night and he

screwed the woman whilst her partner watched.

I checked out the DVDs, and whilst doing this I realised anyone outside could see me through the rear entry to the store as it was completely open and the lights were on. At night I would have really stood out. I came back from the DVD section and started looking at lingerie. I am always aroused by see-through bodystockings and knickers, and I

ended up buying a pair of mesh shorts for me, just as a way of thanking the store owner. He offered

to lock the store and let me walk around and I don't know what his motives were, but by that stage I

was so horny I needed to have some sex.

So my next trip was to a brothel. I phoned and asked whether it would be okay to come in nude. A woman said she was fine with that provided I paid up front, then meet the girls. So I arrived and phoned to let them know I was in the car park. She said come on in. I got out the car, with nothing more than my wallet, slowly walked in. There I was greeted

by a mature lady.

As I was chatting to her, and fondling myself, out came one of the girls with client. It was very arousing and, by this stage, I welcomed guys and girls seeing me in all my glory. I eventually met each of the girls. It's funny, I reckon some of them were so tempted to touch my cock instead of shaking my hand, its soooo good. It was a great end to an enthralling night.

Not long after I visited the same bookshop, only this time during the day. A girl was working and I had spoken to her

about trying on some slutty skirts. No problem she said and showed me what was in stock. I asked if

it would be okay to strip off in the store and try them on? Not a problem, she said. I hastily undressed.

I'd gone prepared, no jocks, just shorts and a t-shirt. Before I knew it I was starkers standing in the

middle of the store, cock up, completely aroused. I tried on a short skirt, which had no chance of covering my erected penis. She was assisting me by this stage and my cock was in full view of her. I was hoping she would grab it. I

tried on a couple of other dresses and they were so tight I had to ask her help to take them off, so we

were standing very close to one another. I apologized to her for my erection, but it didn't seem to faze

her at all.

After finding no skirts or dresses of my size or to my liking, I then found some crotchless

pantyhose which I purchased and put on straight away. I was so damn hard I asked if she would mind

if I pulled myself off, adding that I would be really quick. She handed me a box of tissues and said

there is a TV in the DVD section if I wanted to watch as they had porn movies showing. I offered her a

show, but she declined, said she was married.

I went over and watched, but I really wanted her to see me cum, so I walked back to the counter and I blew my load into the tissues. What a relief! And I was moaning as I blew so she knew. I wish she'd allowed me to come on her, I would have licked her clean afterwards. Maybe that's my next adventure. Anyway,I quickly got dressed and left the store.