Written by fill me up

29 Sep 2014

Hadn't been to the nude beach in Darwin for a while, and decided to go all out.

Is always a good place to pick up and just have a relaxing nude day out, had set myself up in the middle of the beach and there wasn't too many around, all the signals are there if you want to maybe play, giving the tackle a bit of a squeeze when someone shows an interest, standing up and adjusting the towel when someone walks past for the second and third time. and opening the cheeks that little bit more.

I sometimes will take a butt plug with me and insert on the sly and just sit there and squirm, this day I had bought my short, but very fat plug to sit on, took me a bit to work it in, but once it was there it was bliss, it has a thin strip that is just visible on the outside, so is hard to see when implanted.

This bloke had walked past a few times and after the second time I leant to one side with one leg up so he could see it. it had the desired effect because the next time he walked past he was visibly starting to get erect, this time he sat down next to me and was just giving his package a flip every now and then, I had turned to face him sitting up and squeezing the plug in and out and my cock was extending at the same time. his cock had fattened up and was looking like a very nice size.

I asked him if he would like to come back to my motel and have a play.

We made our way back to my motel and I was on my knees once we got tin the door, my god, his cock was bigger than I thought, was having trouble getting the knob in my mouth, i had sat down near the bed and was leaning back on the end as he was slowly working his cock into my mouth, he was reaching down and tweaking my nipples, I still had the plug in and was pushing hard on the floor, I got up and got a condom and lube and while he was putting it on I withdrew the plug from my hole and lay face down with my ass on the edge of the bed, he crawled over the top of me and slowly filled me up, thank god for warming up with the plug, I was grunting like a pig every time he drove his cock into me, this is the best feeling, he ploughed away for a while and then stuck it to the hilt and I could feel him pulsing into the condom, he stayed there fully impaled into me and I couldn't help slowly grinding my ass into him, after a couple of minutes he got off and got dressed and left, I will be going back.